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****Official Bonobos Thread****

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I haven't yet seen a Bonobos thread here, and I think it may deserve one. I suppose we will see over the next few days if people agree with this contention. Either way, I think they offer perhaps one of the best, if not [b]the[/b] best fitting RTW/OTR OCBDs and chinos I have ever worn. Their new French cords are also fantastic. I have yet to try most of their formal wear, however their casual stuff is great. These are some of my recent purchases:


Light Blue Gingham aka the Ging Crosby



Sky Blue Gingham



Perhaps my favorite OCBD currently:



There's also this, which I had to have the moment I saw it:



They all fit tremendously well, and the OCBDs are softer than your average OCBD. For your first order you can use this for $25 off $75. http://a.********/x/wuDxok  


And if you've already placed an order and are thus not eligible for this, you can PM me for a couple codes.

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Bravo for starting this thread! I skeptically bought my first pair of washed chinos a few years ago when they first introduced the slim fit. The reviews at the time were unfavorable, both on fit and quality. But since that purchase I haven't looked back, they are the best fitting pants I've ever owned. I love seeing all the knockout colors and materials they introduce every season. If you haven't tried them out yet, you don't know what you're missing.
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Says the guy with one post who works at bonobos.
"Knockout colors"?
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Beh, their stuff looks ok, although it's odd that people are suddenly shilling for them/spamming the forum with referral codes when they've already been around for as long as they have.

Kudos to them for making bootcut chinos. I'd probably try their slim-fits out if they were button-fly rather than zipper-fly.
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i have 3 or 4 of their shirts, the fit is great off the rack for me, best i could find anywhere.  i get their plaids when they hit the $38 mark or whatever, great deal for that price.


i also have an ocbd i got from them , great in a slim fit.

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I now have four pair of pants from Bonobos. I started with the Travel Jean, then 2 light-weight chinos, and finally a pair of fine cords, all in slim fit. I've heard the fits are meant for meatier legs, but I'm 120 at 5'8" and the slim fit looks great on my legs. 


I would hesitate to buy these pants at full price (average price is roughly $70-90), but you can stick out referral codes, it might help a bit. Plus they have sales every 2-3 weeks. 


If anyone is interested, I have my own referral code for anyone who wants to try it. You get $25 off your first purchase with this code.  [edit: It looks like I can't post my code here. If anyone would like the referral code, please PM me. ]

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I have a pair that I got on deep discount a couple of months ago, and I like them. Their straight fit is perfect for me for work. It's very similar to the Milano fit chino from Brooks Brothers. I haven't tried their shirts yet, but I browse their sales all the time so I'm sure I'll give that a try at some point. I look at these guys like a BB Red Fleece competitor...similar demographic. Fabric is good, colors are a little more stand-outish, and the cut is slimmer (even in the straight fit).
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Bump / Question


I just went to their Fit/Guide Shop in LA to try out their performance golf pants (they have golf clothes under a banner called "Maide"), and ordered a couple pairs -- I thought the Highland was a good golf pant.    


As I was already in the Guide Shop, I tried on some of their other stuff -- seems like they have a pretty decent value sport coat (half-canvassed and priced it seems to be competitive with SuitSupply) - I am no expert though...


Anyone out there have any thoughts/experiences with Bonobos?

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