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MTM Suit Fit Critique

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I just received my new suit from ProperSuit in the mail. Looking for some feedback on how it fits.
I don't wear a suit to work, so this'll be mostly for fun events, weddings, etc..

I think that the waist in both the pants and jacket needs to be let out, and the right sleeve shortened.
Also the jacket needs to be lengthened, but I assume it's too late for that to be fixed.

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I'm new here but have I a lot of personal experience with men's wear... I'm gonna jump in since no one else has yet, but I'm sure some others will have some great advice for you.


I think you're right sleeve is long because your right shoulder is lower than your left.... I'm not sure if you notified propersuit of this when you submitted your order, if not, I would recommend that in the future. I would also measure both arms just to make sure one isn't slightly longer than the other.


The jacket is definitely too short.


The lapels on that jacket are very large, maybe that is the way you asked for it but with those slanted pockets it makes the jacket look very strange. Maybe it's just me, but a jacket with slanted pockets should come associated with a slimmer lapel.


The pockets are obviously flaring on the pants so maybe a minor adjustment there can make them look better.


All in all, I've seen much worse but the suit needs some help.


Hopefully this helps.

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Well, as you are finding out, commissioning m2m and custom clothing is a learning experience. From my untrained eye, I would agree with Jimmy's comments. There is much to improve in your first suit from that company. You should post it in the tailor's thread and get a professional critique.
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Thanks for the feedback.
Yes my right shoulder is lower than the left, so that explains the sleeve being too long. I was actually measured in person by a ProperSuit associate, so I'm a little disappointed that some of these issues were missed.
I'm most concerned about the jacket length, since it will be hard / impossible to lengthen.

Anyways, I will bring the suit in to a tailor and see what can be done. Hopefully it's salvageable...
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If a tailor says it's salvageable, then he or she either has bad judgment or badly wants your money. Besides being too long in the arms and too small in various places, the design details are very wrong. Large lapels, lack of shoulder padding, and hacking pockets that emphasize sloping shoulders.
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Not to kill this due to a handful of forced static pictures, but for once I agree with mensimageconsultant (first time for everything right smile.gif). The jacket's length makes it look like you got a short instead of a regular. Those large lapels need to be balanced by some more length. And I agree that the hacking pockets really reinforce your sloped shoulders. That being said, the shoulders are a smidge wide. Note the divot at the top of your arm where the shoulder seem is overhanging. The sleeves can be altered, but the overall length you're stuck with.

you said you may let out the it tight? The silhouette looks ok from the back. Then again, the profile picture shoes flaring of the vent. Dunno.

On the plus side, the lapels are laying flat.

Ask PS if they'll do a remake. If not, chalk this up to experience for next time.
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Thanks I appreciate all the comments.
Sigh... yes I'll ask PS for a remake. Really disappointing since I was measured and consulted in person, would have thought it'd have come out better (not to mention the cost).

How much longer do you think the jacket needs to be? 2 inches? (I'm 5' 10" for reference).

Yes I agree the shoulders are probably also slightly wide (more so in the right shoulder).
The waist does feel a bit tight, and overall the jacket feels restrictive.

I've heard conflicting opinions on shoulder padding for someone with sloped shoulders like me. Not sure if I should go with a slight padding or for the natural shoulders like here.

Well, to summarize, these are the changes I should make (along with some questions):

- shorter in the arms (1/2"? 1"?), especially right arm
- longer jacket (2" ?)
- a bit more room in the waist (1/2" to 1")
- narrower in the shoulder (1/2"?)
- go for a narrow lapel
- go for straight pockets (slimmer flaps too?), no ticket pocket
- padded shoulders?
- adjustment on the pants to prevent pocket flaring (not sure what to do there, let out the hips?)
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Maybe ask for your money back? I've been in situations similar to yours.
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no matter how shitty their suits turn out, they have a hardline no refund policy and do not waver. trust me.
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I think a reasonable question to ask is whether one is better off buying an off the peg suit from an established designer (and all the work they put into it) and then having it altered or going to an unestablished made to measure service who promises the perfect fit but has little of the expertise of the established designer. It may be wiser to shop around the different brands and see which model fits you best (shoulders, sleeves, button stance etc) and then have it fitted by a good tailor. If you do enough searching you'll find a designer that fits you pretty well in the key areas. You would be amazed at how much different models vary in cut and proportion.
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I have had one suit made by PS, and am reasonably happy with it.  It is not perfect, but given the price and method, it serves its purpose well.  With that as background, a couple thoughts:


1)  PS has a policy that the cost of alterations on a suit can be subtracted from the cost of the next purchase (should you choose to buy again).  From the posts above, it appears the only issue that a tailor won't be able to fix is the length of the jacket.


2)  Many of the critiques noted above were choices that you were able to make for the suit, so I'm not sure holding PS responsible is appropriate (i.e. in the form of a refund demand or re-make). For instance,  you choose label width, the style (flap width or no flap at all, slanted pockets or straight, etc) and number of pockets (no ticket pocket, no problem), tailor your jacket length (they still could have messed this up), choose padded or unpadded shoulders, etc.  Also, when being measured, did you know your right shoulder is lower? If so, did you mention it and/or were you standing in a way that would make it obvious as it is in the picture?

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There are a quite a few fit issues with this suits from what I can see from the images.
The sleeves are too tight causing it to bunched up, too much waist waist suppression causing the vents to open up. Too tight around your hips pockets are flaring out. The length is too short which others have already been mentioned.

I would ask them for a remake.
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If there's a remake, it must have shoulder padding. The sleeve length difference is because one shoulder is higher than the other. If the company sees those pictures, most of the adjustments should be made automatically.
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Originally Posted by marksman View Post

Sorry to be rude, but this is one of the worst suits I have ever seen on here. And that's saying a lot. The fit is terrible, yes, but the styling is also irredeemably bad in every conceivable way. No way these guys are gonna give you a nice looking suit even if given a second chance. Stay well away, I say.
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In the trade this is called an abortion...
Go to a good men's store or tailor and have a suit made, you will save money in the long run
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