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Allen Edmonds "Hunter"

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I'm hoping someone has more info about these shoes. I bought them at a thrift shop this weekend and can't seem to find anything about them online.  I like them, but they need some TLC. I'm just curious about their age and the code inside. Code inside: 10.5 E (size obviously) 11652 6 3794 COMB. 3224 


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Welcome to Styleforum seeve.

10.5 E (Size and Width, E= wide)
1652 6 3794 (Old number 4 last, or possubly 6 last, same as Park Avenue)
COMB. 3224 (Combination Heel Leather & Rubber pad on leather stacked heel)

Those are 1 to 2 sizes too big for you judging by the massive heel gap.
I would wager you are a size 9 in this shoe.
Otherwise, they are in remarkably good condition. Scuffs & scratches can easily be buffed out with an application of leather conditioner, let dry, brush & buff with flannel cloth. Did you check the soles? Press your thumb down around the ball of the sole area. If spongy & soft, they need re-soling. If stiff, they are fine.

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