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Upgrading my club shoes

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Longtime lurker. Kinda nervous about my first thread. 


Anyways, I'm looking to get a new pair of shoes for going out to clubs. And by club, I mean in the United States. San Francisco. EDM clubs. "Dancing." Jumping up and down. People packed in there shoulder to shoulder. Drinks spilled. Wet floors. People stepping on my feet. From my pre-style forum days, I have this pair of black slip-on square-toe Steve Maddens, oblivious to to how awful they were at the time. I'm in the market for new shoes. I have a couple pairs of AE captoe oxfords and wingtips I use at the office, but I don't want to ruin those in the clubs, plus they feel too stiff for the type of movement my feed would need anyways. 


Any recommendations on brands or styles to look for? I'm completely ok with buying used shoes on ebay. I'd actually prefer to get some decent, comfortable shoes that are used, on ebay, pushing the price below $100. Sometimes these hypothetical shoes will be worn with dark jeans and an untucked collared-shirt, other times with slacks and tucked in. I guess I'd prefer black as that'd be more versatile. If I'm going to have one pair of shoes for the club, is black the right color? Or is some sort of dark brown/burgundy more versatile than I think? Since my work shoes are oxfords/have laces I guess I'd prefer some slip-on type loafers. Not old-man style though. Fashion-forward, more sleek/modern types. 


So yeah, recommended brands to look for on ebay that are gonna be comfortable for dancing, some sort of grip so I don't slip on some vodka, yet under $100 (used)?


Are shoes with a buckle, kinda like these, acceptable? Or are buckles a faux pas? I just pulled this image from google for the buckle, I'm not looking for comments on the sole/toe shape/quality/whatever. If someone cares, these are Stacy Adams. 


Thanks! I've done searches for "club shoes" and of the threads I've found, half of the really dated posts are about people bickering over the definition of the different types of clubs and the types of people found in them. 

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Is this in the incorrect sub-forum? If so, I apologize and would ask that a mod kindly move it for me!

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I wear boots out in SF most of the time. Margiela or Guidi usually. It's the right subforum, but almost everyone here dislikes loafers.
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I wear a pair of Bass Weejuns out. I have the Larson I think. It's a really simple black penny loafer. It also comes in that deep burgundy or a nice brown. You can usually find a pair for under $100 online new. They're made in El Salvador I think so the quality isn't superb but they get the job done and you dont have to worry about them getting trashed. Only issue is they have a leather sole (rubber heel), but you can cap that for pretty cheap if traction is important.

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Well I'm not stuck on loafers, I'm definitely open to suggestions here. I only said loafer because I'm tying my laces to the office every day and was preferring something different. 

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