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Womb chair replica

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I've never bought replica furniture, have original Wegner dining chairs, Barcelona chairs. At the time 20 years ago, there were no replicacs worth considering. In the case of Wegner wishbone chairs, I still think the originals are in a different class. Anyone have any advice on replica Womb Chairs? They seem more adaptive to copies. I have heard the Kardiel ones are very close to originals.
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I had to google that one. I now know what a womb chair is. smile.gif
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I bought a Saarinen womb chair replica, from Rove Concepts online, which was beautiful until it began to fade about nine months later. When I corresponded with the claims department, I was told that fabric issues were not covered under Warranty. I was asked whether the chair was sitting in a sunny spot. I told him that I live in Washington State, which is not particularly known for its abundance of sunny days. He said that my husband and I caused the problem through "general use" or sitting on it.

We picked up the chair in Ferndale, WA, to avoid the $500 delivery fee from their warehouse to our home (87 miles).

I could include a frustrating exchange between myself and the customer service representative, and will be happy to do so for anyone who is interested in seeing it.The bottom line is that I do not know when I have felt so frustrated with a business. RC simply does not care about my problem and will make no attempt to do anything to alleviate what is obviously a serious problem with the fabric which was "imported from Denmark," simply because it is "not covered by Warranty." 

My concerns were totally dismissed.

Please note the images at the beginning of this review.

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