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Fake canali?

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Recently purchased a Canali off of eBay. Having a very hard time telling if it's authentic. I'll probably make a run to a shop later. Hints it is Canali: 1) Stitching around the pockets and on the edges of lapels looks right (you can see the small stitch marks) 2) Tag still attached to sleeves and label inside the jacket is right (capital CANALI stitched in a light colored thread) 3) Pants detailing is right (lining to the knees, light stitchings around the fly) 4) White fabric tag inside the jacket says (among other things), Canali on it. Hints its not Canali: 1) Definitely feels like there is a fusing layer (I was under the impression that all Canali suits were not fused). It's a very light fusing layer though. 2) The label on the inside of the coat (CANALI stitched in light beige), the label isn't actually attached by the light stitching. I can look in through the inside right breast pocket and see hand stitched dark blue stitches (that better match the lining). Can anyone check inside a Canali suit through the right breast pocket and see what the stitching of the label looks like on the underside? Hoping this is real.
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1) Definitely feels like there is a fusing layer (I was under the impression that all Canali suits were not fused).  It's a very light fusing layer though.
If this will help ease your mind a bit about this (I know the thought of buying something fake off eBay is annoying and stressful): If the fusing is very light, that is promising because generally the quality of something fake is shit, for lack of a better term. The manufacturers tend not to bother on making the actual quality of the item on par with the original, so I would guess that your suit is older, perhaps from a period when Canali suits were fused, rather than fake. Since I own no Canali suits, I cannot give you information about the stitching, unfortunately.
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A few pics of a real Canali (bought it from Canali on New Bond Street) Hope these help:
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Went to a store to look at Canalis.  It's counterfeit.  Let's see how the merchant handles this. The label on the inside of the jacket clearly has an extra layer. In other words, it looks like it was cut out of another jacket and stitched into this one. Besides the fusing, the constructions really isn't that bad though. Surprised that anyone would go through the trouble.
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Any chance you could provide pics or the link to the auction?
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Experts please look at this seller: specialplace on eBay. Tons of positive feedback, but if you look at all the suits that he has sold, they are almost all the identical cut, no matter if it is Zegna, Canaletti, Canali, etc. Plus look at the stitchings of labels that look somewhat suspect.
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bump, not sure my edited comments bumped it to the top
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I remember there being a thread about dishonest ebay sellers taking cheap fused discount store brands with psuedo-Italian names (Naldini, Canaletti, Coveri) and trying to pass them off as suits by high end clothiers. This guy's auctions were a huge example of that practice, if not the biggest one, which is why I never gave any of his other auctions a close enough look. Now that you mention it, most of his suits do look suspiciously identical regardless of brand, and he already is being overtly dishonest in his auctions, but since I'm not an expert I'll defer to others to elaborate on their thoughts.
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Nah, its clearly fake. Hadn't read about the Naldini/Canaletti controversies, so wasn't aware of it, but after further research, its clearly part of their scam. After examining the garment some more, it is clearly most likely fake. The only thing still throwing me off is that the inside white fabric tag says Canali and LP Tasmanian on it (presumably Loro Piana). On the same tag at Lew Rothmans (in NYC), it says Canali and Rothmans on it. But in any case that particular label doesn't look fake or fakely stitched, though I could be wrong. I haven't heard back from the seller, but I'm hoping to resolve this one amicably, although I'm pretty #&@$%#^ pissed.
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Good luck with that; if he's a dick about it I'm sure some disgruntled forum members will step up to help if they can.
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Thanks, the seller is in Inglewood, CA btw, in case anyone wants to go pay him/her a visit. We should start a HOF post of eBay sellers to be aware of. Prior to the purchase, I did a bunch of searches on the seller's name (though not on the Naldini/Caneletti thing) and didn't come up with anything. That I didn't find anything negative combined with 4000 positive feedbacks made me think this one was safe.
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Canali does private label - perhaps someone, even Canali, stitched a Canali label back over the private label?? Sort of like what EG does with RLPL shoes - they pull out the insole cover and put one of their own back in so they can sell it at the end-of-season sales. If the inside tag looks authentic, then it probably is real... Post pics of the label and other elements that make you suspicious. Then we can better see what you mean.
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Word of advice, don't mess with anyone in Inglewood. "Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good." - Tupac
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Good luck with that; if he's a dick about it I'm sure some disgruntled forum members will step up to help if they can.
Hear, hear. koji
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They sell canaletti and naldini saying the reetail is $1999 while another says they are$1099-which is it.? There was a thread about this a while back,and I think it's very unethical for them to suggest these makes are high end when clearly they aren't.Isn't this practice against ebay rules? How do they get away with it ?.Someone should call them on it.It's not right..
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