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Suit puckering?

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What causes a suit chest to pucker, as in David Beckham's suit here?  Is it humidity, or some other cause, and can it be solved by a good pressing?  I believe the suit in the photo is a RLBL, which is full canvas, so I don't think it's a case of a delaminating fusing.  I have a suit from the same brand with similar, vertical puckering in the identical spot, above the chest pocket.  The fabric is very lightweight (I would estimate that it's an 7.5 or 8 ounce wool gabardine).



Doesn't seem to be a problem with all suits in the line.  Here the chest is clean with a RLBL:


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Badly aligned fabric layers or fusing would be my guess. The suit experts should have a look at this.
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Here's my best guess: The hotel valet wasn't available and he hung his suit in a steamy bathroom to "press out the wrinkles".

As Despos always says: Steam Is evil. I'd modify that slightly by saying that indiscriminate steaming, including the indiscriminate use of a steamer, is evil.
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