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Apple Products


Apple products are surprisingly (maybe unsurprisingly?) divisive, and StyleForum’s Apple thread is no different. Despite this, it’s actually a useful place to learn about upcoming iPhone releases to buy, which Mac is best suited for you, and when upgrades are worth shilling out for.


Seasonal Purchases


Fall-Winter is definitely – even officially – upon us, and this thread helps you organize and gloat over your planned seasonal purchase list. What do you have in store? Barbour coats, bespoke gloves, cashmere overcoats? 


Bank Clothes

Yea, despite their reputation, there actually are some curious ibankers who post on StyleForum. This thread is about what to wear in a casual environment, and how you should dress not to appear like a total douche.


B&S Finds


Eternal 864 Jeans, 32



Grenson Bluchers, 8 UK