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I have a lot of clothes that I've purchased but never had altered.  I've decided it's time to pare back my wardrobe, so I'm willing to consider parting with any of the following if people are interested.  If they don't sell here, I'll probably list them on e-bay.  Drop me a PM and I can send pics and discuss prices. Oxxford NWT $3000 Pure Cashmere 40R sportcoat, in a black/gray weave with a blue overplaid.  The new and elegant Renaissance model, 2 button, double vents. NWT 38 R summer sportcoat in a cream and light brown/tan plaid, with a very faint yellow windowpane.  Silk and wool fabric.  2 button. NWT summer weight 38R black suit, with a light gray and very faint lilac triple-bead chalk stripe,  reverse pleat trousers.  2-button Renaissance model, center vent. Belvest [a much-underestimated company, IMO] NWT 38R gray plaid, with a faint yellow and lilac overplaid.  Unvented jacket, 8-inch drop, very nice lightly padded shoulders.  32 inch trousers, double reverse pleat.  (made under the Piatelli for Barney's label).  Gorgeous suit. NWT 38R blue blazer, 6 inch drop, unvented, brass buttons.  (made under the Carroll & Co. private label, I guarantee it's a Belvest) Huntsman NWT 40R double breasted suit, 34-inch pleated trousers, in a navy blue weave.  (Huntsman is known as the most expensive tailoring house on Savile Row; this suit was made to their specs by C. Barrie) St Andrews NWT  $3000+ 40R 100% cashmere black three-button sportcoat, fabric has a fine weave, but coat is solid black.  Medium to heavy weight cashmere.  Double vented.  Jacket has somewhat broader shoulders than many 40R's, though not heavily padded.  Would definitely work better for someone with broad shoulders and a trim waist.  Gorgeous. Chester Barrie NWT 40R/41R 100% Cashmere sportcoat in a cream twill; 2 button, single vent.  Medium weight, beautiful fabric but a bit too large for me.  (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R/41R 100% Cashmere sportcoat in a medium to royal-blue twill (same fabric type as previous jacket, just a different color). (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R/41R Linen/Wool sportcoat in a cream color; fabric looks somewhat like a silk, but is not.  A great summer jacket. (Tagged a 40R, but might well fit a 41). NWT 40R super 110's 2-button sportcoat, in a medium-brown weave with a blue and tan box-pattern.  Center vent, ticket pocket. Vestimenta NWT 40R black 100% linen single breasted, 3 button suit, double vents.  34R pleated slacks. I also have a ton of VERY LIGHTLY used 38R, 39R, and 40R suits and sportcoats by Belvest, Corneliani (incl. Sartoriale), Hickey Freeman, C Barrie, Donna Karan Couture, and Ferragamo which I would consider selling.  If you're interested, let me know your size and what you'd be interested in and I'll give you a list in your size. Thanks.