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Which dufflecoat would suit me?

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Hi guys/girls,


I'm seriously questioning myself which coat would suit me better as seen in the pictures below:


Now I'm a 25 year old, 80kg, 1.90m guy with small hips (as so my gf tells me, bummer), so I usually pick tailored clothing. But with dufflecoats, this does not matter that much I believe.  Now the first coat you see is a Boss Orange one, the second a Burberry. They are both the same width: 54 cm. The Burberry is 85 cm long, the Boss 80cm long. Both same price. 


I think the Boss is more sporty, the Burberry more...manlier? My clothing style is combinable with both. 


So just from your opinion, which one is more suited for me? 




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You need to demonstrate them being worn - on this basis whichever you like.
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either or would look good i'm sure. the style is great on both but i'd lean towards the boss just for those hooks. 

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Welcome to Styleforum MoiAbsolu.
I own a peacoat by Boss and 2 duffles; 1 by Butberry and 1 by Gloverall. As it turns out, my old Burberry was made by Gloverall anyway. I am partial towards Gloverall. I agree with GBR. Let's see some fit pics if possible and we'll be happy to tell you what suits you. If that is your pwn face in your avatar, I would wager either or both would suit you equally. The rope and wood toggles on that Boss is classic. I would wager that Burberry in the photo has the leather & horn toggles. Even nicer, provided the leather strips are maintained and in good condition.
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