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Ideas for Anniversary Gifts

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My wife and I are celebrating 5 years together in October. (dating, not married...thats 2). Originally I had intended for us to take a trip over to England which is part of the story of how we met. However, she's pregnant with our first and due at the end of the year, and that took that trip off the table.

I wanted to do something nice for our 5 year, and at the same time try to stretch it into a push present as well.

Any thoughts?

I'd like to keep the total cost under $2K.

I was looking at diamond rings, etc...and even some birthstone rings for the baby's birthday, but both felt kinda cheesy.

PS - anyone else blown the fuck away when they had to start shopping for the baby stuff? Just did some preliminary registering this weekend. WTF!
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I always say a pearl necklace is a great anniversary gift. satisfied.gif

but joking aside, are you sure you wanna buy stuff for the baby and not your wife? think she'll appreciate it more if the gift was for her and not the baby. maybe an iou note for a future trip to england, a nice dinner or a swanky spa treatment for her (not sure if pregnant women can do spa though).. you know, those stuff that we men typically think all women want.
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Right now, she's going to want something that makes her feel beautiful.

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So a pearl necklace?
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What does she like? Maybe try buying something she always wanted but never had/wanted to spend that much on it.



When it comes to jewelry I'd buy a stone and then get a custom necklace. Just a simple one, workmanship should cost few hundred at most. You don't necessarily need to buy a very expensive stone per carat. For example, peridot is beautiful gem stone but relatively cheap compared to emerald. A simple pendant only showing the stone would look great and classy, for few hundred bucks you can get bigass stone like this . At that price you can also buy a really nice looking opal stone that would sparkle like hell and look way more expensive that it is;) like- (though making a pendant for opal is more expensive). You'd never be able to buy a pendant with a stone of that class for less than twice the amount that you would invest. And making a simple design like below(or search Google pics for more elaborate one), should be relatively inexpensive well less than the price of the stone;


and then u should still have around 1-1.3k for something else

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