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I bought a pair of Herring Burlington shoes a month or so back (built by Barkers).


When I was wearing them a few weeks ago, a spot of water landed on the vamp from my water bottle that I was drinking from. 


On my other calf leather shoes water doesn't make a mark and once it dries out, it's as new. This time it made a permanent mark. I read some posts on here from people with similar symptoms, who were advised to leave the shoes with trees in and it would disappear. I have had them with shoe trees in for two weeks now and it was no better.


Having searched here a bit more, I read about the vinegar trick with a 50:50 mix. I did this, which seemed to help a little bit. I've given it a couple of days to dry out, so today I thought I'd start building up the finish again with some polish. I used the polish that Herring supplied with the shoes (dubbed 'mid brown').


This is how it's ended up:



It now looks like the area (front of the vamp) that was the issue has been burnished?  The area I dabbed with the vinegar solution still isn't as smooth as the rest of the shoe either.