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Help with shirt fitment on skinny asian

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Hello all.  Been a long time lurker here and finally thought I should post.  First off I'd like to start by saying that I have absolutely 0 style and have lately been researching into improving my look.  I am an engineer and engineers by nature are introverts and not very fashionable.  Most folks in my office don't even bother shaving or getting their hair cut.  Most folks don't even wear a button down shirt and if they had it their way, they would wear an old yellow stained white t-shirt.


Now about me, I'm skinny as a stick so it's hard to find clothes that fit me well.  5'10", 135lbs...yeah...don't judge (and yes I do lift but just genetically very skinny).  I will be graduating with a M.S. this December and plan on looking for a new job (currently extremely underpaid) so its time to update my wardrobe.  I've done tons of searching and found that Charles Tyrwhitt extra slim fit shirts are supposed to be some of the slimmest.  I still feel like it's a little baggy in the back, please tell me what you guys think and if you have recommendations for a shirt that is even slimmer.  Also please excuse the messy room and ugly belt.


Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit (sorry no cufflinks, accidentally ordered double cuff when I wanted button cuff)


Banana Republic Tailored Slim Fit


Now this is a shirt I've had for a while and always thought of it to be my best fitting's a Tommy Hilfiger shirt I picked up at an outlet mall a long time ago.


Your feedback and advice is greatly appreciated.  I know I can go MTM or have OTR shirts tailored, but like I said I don't make much and would prefer something OTR that fits me well.

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Hey man, I'm in the same boat as you (5'9", 135 lbs, skinny Asian engineer, just starting to dress better). Shirts are the hardest thing for me too! They're always way too puffy in the chest and arms. I've been meaning to try out MTM shirts (I got an MTM suit earlier this year and it turned out great), so maybe I'll have some useful experience in a month or so.


In the meantime, your clothing options really open up on a nicely paid engineer's salary; I'm one year out of school and piling up savings. IMO, you could do well for your future wardrobe by destroying those upcoming job interviews (thankfully, dressing well isn't part of the engineer's interview).

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If you are looking for shirts which are slimmer through the chest then the Thomas Pink Super Slim Fit and the new TM Lewin Super Fitted (only available in white) are both slimmer than the Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim Fit.
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Shirts from the high street are never really going to be all that slim fit. Some of the slimmest in my experience are the Italian makers, such as Barba black label and particularly Finamore black label.
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Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah I'm two years out of my undergrad and already got an early promotion, again sadly I'm still highly underpaid compared to my colleagues, hence why I'll be looking for a new job (plus I want to move to SoCal).

I find that all the above shirts fit fine in the chest. The banana republic fits fine in armholes but is just slightly puffy in the waist. I'll keep this one as it fits way better than anything else in my wardrobe and I'm in desperate need for some shirts. However the fabric feels like sandpaper compared to the Charles tyrwhitt. Sadly the CT is way too puffy in the armholes and waist. I shall continue my hunt.

What is the Thomas Pink return policy like?

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The only problem is all the shirts you seem interested in are really really poor quality for the price...
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I'm interested in anything that fits me well. My max budget is $60 a shirt but would prefer something in the $40 range. I just don't make enough money right now and due to grad school, I have to stick with what I can afford.
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You're better off spending $20-30 more for a quality shirt that will last. Better to spend $200 for 2 quality shirts than then 4 cheap ones.


Check out

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If the OP has 1 well-fitting shirt already (or the patience/willingness to dial in fit over a few orders), custom makers like Luxire are also an option too, for more or less the top end of his price range. There's a Luxire thread on the front page of the forum at the moment with lots of info therein.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.  I have seen the Kamakura shirts and I'm definitely interested in the Tokyo Slim Fit, I may just order one shirt to see how it is.  Luxire also seems to be pretty nice and I will definitely try them out in the next few months once my financial state improves.

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