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Moving to Lima Peru, clothing advice?

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Im moving from Vancouver, Canada to Lima, Peru for a year or two in the next month or so. Im wondering what advice SF has on what kind of clothing to bring with me? Im thinking casual button downs and jeans/chinos for the most part - from what ive seen most Peruvians seem fairly dressed down and casual. Im thinking i'll have to leave my suits at home as it doesnt seem like i'll get much use out of them, plus theyre all lined and Lima is going to be bloody hot by my standards. As for vintage/dressier watches - will probably trade those in for some simple quartz units since crime is apparently quite prevalent and i'll probably not want to draw attention to myself...? Ive read some posts here saying semi/custom shoes are easily obtainable so i'll just bring a pair or two with me and perhaps collect more once i get there.


Seem reasonable or am i way off base?


Much thanks

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I cannot comment on clothing there as I haven't been to Lima in decades but the climate
probably won't be "bloody Hot" by the standards of Vancouver. It rarely gets into the 80s F
and tends to be overcast for months on end- i forget which months. The Humboldt Current
keeps the coast relatively cool. I lived in Quito, for several years and can recommend it for
a visit during your stay in Lima.
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Are you moving for work, school? What part of Lima are you moving to? I lived there for several years and even though the general style is fairly casual, there are some parts of town where you won't be out of place if you dress up a little more than casual. Granted, i haven't been there in around 8 years, but I don't think it has changed too much.

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Your plan sounds pretty reasonable. I would bring a few extra dollars as your significant other will probably find the baby alpaca and vicuna goods irresistable. With that said, Quito or Arequipa will give you even more variety for baby alpaca and vicuna.
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Moving for work, but its an engineering company so there's alot of 'business casual' with Reeboks.


Im mainly just pissed i need to leave all my nice clothes at home for 2 years, i'll have to make sure i dont fill out at all

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I would regard moving to South America as a good excuse to get lots of cream linen suits and several nice panama hats.

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Take care, Lima is more on the side of temperate climate - been there last october and there were some evening to morning chills, and everybody was complaining about the humidity, so no cream linen and panama hats, that is for Amazonia (the other side of the Andes), mostly light tweeds and flannels. There were some tailor shops, offering both suits and shirts, but at a quite hefty price, the rest of the scene being relative crap, especially for shoes. South America is quite a divided society (aside Chile) so if you are in contact with the upper class, you should dress "properly" - seen some stunning DB suits, evidently bespoke - the rest of the society being dressed from discount stores.
Enjoy Peru and take some time to travel both to the Inca historic sites and to Amazonia (I did not done), and take care with the pisco sour!
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I would definitely leave the expensive watches at home. koolhistorian is spot on. At least when I lived there, upper and high-middle class had for the most part bespoke suits. You can always get some at good prices. I remember semi/custom shoes being not expensive and very very durable, but can't remember specific designs.


And very important, I haven't met anyone who moved there and didn't gain weight. Peruvian food is extremely good, one of the best cuisines in the world.

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