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Toronto PSA: Pal Zileri Sample Sale

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Got an email about an upcoming Pal Zileri sample sale in Toronto. Barba Napoli included.

I was quoted about $1k for Sartoriale suits, which is a good price.

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So this is it, eh? Already got a Sammy M2M.

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I'll try to swing by and check it out. Is this a regular store, or a clearance outlet?
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I think it's an office.
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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

I think it's an office.


I went to this a few years ago and picked up a couple of things.

Going Thursday morning right when it opens would be your best bet.
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Thanks gents. I'll see if I can duck out of the office tomorrow morning.
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Prices on Barba Napoli shirts?

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^^ thats pretty much what I would be interested in too,

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Originally Posted by NeedStyleHelp View Post

Prices on Barba Napoli shirts?

I was quoted 150-180.

I'd be interested to know if the prices decrease on the last day.
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Stopped by just before lunch.

Suits / sports jackets - very little in my size (44), and frankly, very little I would have gone for if available in my size. A lot of very light / pale coloured suits that just aren't seasonally appropriate.

Overcoats - some lovely pieces that I would have purchased, but all too small.

Casual coats - there were about a dozen, some leather - didn't pay too much attention.

Shirts - unless they were hiding the Barbas someplace, I didn't see more than 4 or 5. There was a nice blue check button down, but again, too small. Quite a few Pal Zileri shirts, but nothing I had to have.

Ties - Pal Zileri at $60. Fairly small selection, smaller still if you eliminate the truly funky ones. I picked up two, and could possibly have added two more.

Shoes - some nice looking suede oxfords and calf double-monks, but I know squat about Pal Zileri shoes and worry that Pal Zileri knows squat about shoes, period.
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I was on T.O. a couple weeks ago and saw the most incredible camel-colored overcoat in the window of the Avenue Rd. showroom...............somebody please PM me if you happen to see it there in a sz 48EU/38R - would be worth considering if the price is right.
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