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Struggling With Jacket Choice

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I've narrowed myself down to 2 jackets, both roughly the same price, one is definitely higher quality.


The problem I'm struggling with is how short the better quality jacket feels. I wear my pants fairly low, and the jacket reaches just below the belt, this too me feels too short, and doesn't seem functional as there "cold" holes near my waist. The second jacket is about thigh height, just below the pockets and feel much more comfortable at the waist but the build quality is all around not as good and the jacket feels a bit tighter around the chest.


I know this is useless without pictures but I can't get to the store until Wednesday. Thoughts?


Lastly I've looked at almost every retailer around me, they ALL carry these waist high jackets in the style I'm looking for, but none of them are thigh height. The jacket type is black, bomber'esque with a hood.






EDIT: I took some pictures of the jacket I have which is the lower quality jacket by Oakland (with the worst pair of pants I own :D ). The other is Guess (I'll go look for pics online)

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Those pictures are so dark it's impossible to give you any feedback. 

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Noted, I'll get some better pictures up and bump the thread. 

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Ditch the jacket. Spend a week on this forum and educate yourself before buying a jacket you will regret. 

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