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What do folks think about this isaia suit?

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Greetings, forumners. I have been keenly interested in the Isaia suit that can be found here: The measurements are near ideal for me, with the exception that the sleeves of my jackets measure 25" from shoulder to end of cuff, or 1" longer. As you can see, the jacket features working sleeve buttons. Can this be competently shortened? Would this have to occur at the shoulder, or is there some way the cuff can be shortened? Overall, what are your impressions of this article of clothing? Thanks in advance for the input. Regards, Jeff
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Whoa, watch out. I have never seen this tag before. I think it is a fraud.
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I believe this suit is legitimate.  The inside label is similar to other Isaia tags I've seen, and the maker's tag inside the pocket is the same format as other Isaia garments.  I think this suit is from the higher-end of the Isaia spectrum, in terms of construction.  Do be aware that the suit has an 8-inch drop, which means it is likely to be quite fitted and narrow through the waist -- most suits in regular lengths have a 6 or 7 inch drop. Sleeves with working buttons can be shortened from the top of the sleeve/sleeve-head.  This is a relatively expensive proposition, but I think it is not too difficult technically speaking.  Perhaps one of the tailors who contribute can provide more specifics about this, as well as any limitations you should know about.
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I think that this was the replacement for the "Enrico Isaia" line, Isaia's top. The label design and coloration are the same as my "Enrico". I was initially worried about the tag inside the pocket because of the exclusive use of German (with no Italian counterpart) i.e "Futter" and "100% Wolle", but since the item is marketed in Germany (I'm assuming since the seller is in Germany), it would make sense.
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I too think this suit is the real deal -- from Isaia's top line (I think I've read Isaia has three clothing lines, each of increasing quality). I've only seen that method of buttoning pants on Borrelli slacks -- very creative design. Not to mention the handstitching and working button holes. You might email the seller -- I think he's a reliable seller, even though he's overseas. Here's a Departures article from 1998 that describes Isaia and it's three lines, along with other makers:
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Yes, this is the best of ISAIA, the pants are very similar to Kiton, the waist-band, buttoning, etc. I have one of these suits in flanel and I am very happy with it.
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What they said... I've had several of those - they are the best quality suits Isaia ever made. To shorten a full inch, you will have to do it from the shoulder.
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Thanks everyone. If I end up with this, there is no tailor in Rapid City that I would trust to shorten the sleeves. I get to Washington DC quite regularly. Is there anyone there you could recommend to do an excellent job? Thanks again for the input. Have a great Fourth weekend. Jeff
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