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j. crew cashmere

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hi guys,


upgrading the wardrobe.  just bought a couple of j.crew cashmere sweaters; cable sweaters, cardigans and crew necks.  previously i've purchased cashmere from barney's, tse and RRL.  i was highly impressed with RRL, but the recent j.crew 25% sale was something I couldn't pass over.  any opinions on j.crew quality??

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Personally, I wear the cotton-cashmere blends and have nothing but good things to say about them. They are a bit lighter of a sweater, but they have done me well even in winter. I can't speak for the pure cashmere, but if you search around the boards here, people don't have the best opinion of it. It seems that in the past, J Crew cashmere was pretty solid, but the newer stuff is of inferior quality.
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FYI... the cashmere sweaters ran a bit larger.  I normally wear an XL in the merino wool or cotton sweatshirts and sweaters.  in the 100% cashmere it looks like i'll need a L.

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so J. Crew cashmere runs a bit large and the quality isn't that great.  I didn't know there's a variant in the quality of 100% cashmere, but the quality didn't compare to other cashmere sweaters I've owned from other brands.

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There's an excellent old thread that details some of the differences between good and poor cashmere. I bought one of the JCrew sweaters a few years ago on clearance. I think it's worth the 60-70 I paid for it, but not much more.
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Originally Posted by ExhibitA View Post

I didn't know there's a variant in the quality of 100% cashmere

Learn, young grasshopper. Learn.




FWIW, I once dated a girl who worked at J Crew and got 8-10 of their cashmere/cotton v necks from her. They were complete garbage that bagged so badly I ended up washing and drying them just to get some shape back. I now use them to polish my shoes...
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