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Good brands for quality, mid-priced cashmere sweaters?

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I am going to need to go down one size for sweaters... Over the years I have compiled a decent collection of Ralph Lauren and J Crew cashmere (v necks, cable knits, cardigans). J Crew prices it's cashmere at 225 - 298, and I can often get them on sale... RL prices cashmere starting at 395, but I stock up at private sales... The question is are there alternative brands that sell comparable quality cashmere at or below J Crew prices in a variety of styles and colors? Stuff like Uniqlo hasn't measured up in my experience
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The Johnstons of Elgin stuff from STP is pretty nice. I only have a couple of v-necks but have been happy with them:
With their DealFlyer coupon the v-necks are under $200.
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Second on the rec for Johnston's of Elgin from STP.  Sign up for their email dealflyer.  During the best sales (4-5 times/year), the regular Johnston's cashmere sweaters can be had for ~$160.  Far better quality than you will find at most stores in the US.

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With the deal flyer that just came out (AYF7768Y), most of the regular Johnstons cashmere sweaters are currently $172 at sierratradingpost, with 99 cent shipping. I don't think you can find a better price than that on good-quality cashmere. Each deal flyer only applies for a few days though.
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Nice deals on sweaters right now...

1) RL cable knit sweaters are $237 in most fall/winter colors. I picked up a nice slate / heather blue. Definitely a fair price for these

2) RRL waffle knit cashmere sweaters in black and grey are $295 (40% off). A bit sleeker and slimmer than most other sweaters I have.

3) The J Crew v neck and crew neck sweaters are a max of $157.50 with the 30% off discount. I recommend the slim fit in both styles. Cardigans are also a decent deal. I don't like the fit or price of their cable knits, RL is better for those.

I think I am going to grab a Johnston of Elgin sweater as well. I should be set at that point until spring. Brooks Brothers also has had good sales on their cashmere product recently.

Uniqlo continues to get good reviews on fashion blogs. I may just pick one up for trial.
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Just an update. I stopped by a few RL stores recently and discovered that their cashmere cable sweaters are now more lightweight and thinner than they have been in previous years. Of course, the price remains the same. This is a meaningful devaluation of one of my favorite Ralph Lauren products over the years. Very disappointing. An SA pointed the difference out to me and remarked that many long-term customers also have expressed concern.
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