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How does this fit look to more experienced eyes

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Just recently purchased my first suit as a birthday gift to myself and was wondering how it looks in terms of fit. I intend to go have the shirt and pants tailored (this picture I have the pants cuffed to a more reasonable length). In my inexperience, it seems to fit quite well for an OTR and I'm pretty pleased. The angle of the picture might be a bit deceiving as it's taken from a lower point of view and due to my awkward pose at the time. I should probably point out I did quite a bit of reading here and other places before finally settling on what I felt I was looking for.

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Are the pants pulled up? How much air between your boys and the seam?


I'm only asking because i can see your belt, and the crotch of your pants seems to be in line with the end of your thumb. If you can wear them higher i would recommend it, and this would effect your hemming length.


Apart from that, everything else seems reasonable from the front, although the waist or hips might be a shade tight (causing the quaters to open like that).

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I could probably wear them higher. I just put them on at a height where they felt comfortable. I plan on relying on a professional tailor to tell me the best way they fit me and hem them appropriately. And yeah, I imagine that was actually due to the fact that I was turned slightly and leaning a bit. The fit is snug but doesn't feel constricting.

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It actually looks pretty good. The bowing lapels and stress at the button suggest it's slightly tight, but if I was slim and something RTW fit me like that I'd buy it.

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Provided you don't gain weight, this is a pretty good fit. Change nothing. Your next suit should have (arguably) slightly less pull at the center button. Welcome to Styleforum factorof2. smile.gif
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looks good. nice buy.
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I know this wasn't what you asked for, but I'm gonna bring it up anyway, is it a windsor-knot you're using? It seems rather full and too nicely shaped to be a four in hand. The only reason I bring up the point is that the preferred knot of menswear bloggers and enthusiasts seems to be the four in hand.

BTW I have no credentials in menswear at all(but intensive lurking), so take it as an advice from one  styleforum newcomer to another.

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Perfectly valid point NiceGuy. When I looked at it  the knot makes the whole tie look very large, and since it's a slim suit that is supposed to make my slim frame look better I think the tie does fine on it's own without the giant half-windsor in there. I intend to wear it with a four in hand in the future because the knot looked wrong to me in hindsight.

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