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I have resisted posting an answer to this question - I really didn't want to know. 6 months ago, I was ashamed to admit I owned 20+ pair of shoes. Having come into this forum, only 8 of those original pairs remain and they've been joined by 33 additions, bringing the total to 41. Furtermore, I am no longer ashamed. After all, every man needs 2 pair of patent leather evening shoes - one pump, and one oxford (for the less favorable weather conditions) and a copy of every shoe in at least 2 colors - some in 3. Having been introduced to C&J, Cheaney, and other fine shoe makers have left me distainful of lesser shoes. Where AE and Alden were the top of my shoe spectrum previously, they are now at the bottom. Now where to find those Lobb monk straps I'm lusting after....
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It wasn't just quantity, but quality: basically high-end shoes. I think he might have "slummed" with an AE or Alden here or there.
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I know a good psychologist, but she does not do shoes. I guess I may have as many as anyone (especially with three more pairs on the way-one new Gravati [from Bluefly] and one pair each of new Santoni's and George's Coll. bought on e-bay; these three are all new brands to me). Remember, (as if this is some sort of justification) this list represents over 35 years of buying shoes-4 or 5 pairs listed here are over 30 years old. I know the list is somewhat weird-4 pairs of Alden black tassels (some from Brooks) and 4 pairs of black Church's Diplomats, but I tend to lose track of what I have and sometimes pick up a new pair, when I see a bargain. Here is the list, in an order which I cannot fully justify, except it made sense when I tried to do it: New oxfords-black; plus one J & M Hand Made and one Lobb listed below 1.\tCrockett & Jones (Peal-Brooks) monk strap 0032/240 2.\tCrockett & Jones (Peal-Brooks) short wing 1605/240 3.\tChurch (Brooks English) 952 mid wing 4.\tChurch (Chetwyn) last 73 wingtip (Baber's-London) 5.\tAlden 901 Hampton last straight tip bal decorated cap toe 6.\tAlden (Brooks) black shell cordovan plain cap toe New oxfords-brown or cordovan; plus one J & M Hand Made listed below 1)\tJ & M shell cordovan plain toe 2)\tJ & M Crown Aristocrat short wing 3)\tAlden (Brooks) shell cordovan cap toe wing 4)\tAlden 941 Aberdeen last quarter brogue derby cap wing 5)\tAlden 950 Barrie last English tan plain toe 6)\tAlden 927 Aberdeen last long vamp bal wing 7)\tChurch Diplomat last 73 0190-TC decorated cap wing (Baber's-London) 8)\tChurch last 73 0205-WCB Burgundy New Yorker plain toe 9)\tChurch (Brooks' English) mid-long wing   Shell cordovans lace models in use; plus 1 black Alden shell cordovan, 1 new J&M shell cordovan, & 1 new Alden shell cordovan 1)\tAlden 994 Barrie last shell saddle 2)\tAlden 994 Barrie last shell saddle 3)\tAlden 997 Barrie last 1/2 shell saddle/ ½ cordo grain 4)\tAlden 995 Barrie last 1/2 shell saddle/ ½ English tan grain 5)\tAlden 995 Barrie last 1/2 shell saddle/ ½ English tan grain 6)\tAlden 997 Arch Street last bal short wing shell   7)\tAlden 990 Barrie last shell plain toe 8)\tAlden (Brooks) shell burgundy cap toe 782 9)\t? Church ("Brooks English") shell short wing Lobb St. James (bespoke)-2 derbys and one loafer 1)\tDerby cap half brogue -new 2)\tDerby wingtip 3)\tDark brown bit loafer Edward Green Brown 1)\tChelsea last 202 chestnut antique plain cap toe (Paul Stuart) 2)\tMalvern last 202 burgundy antique wingtip (Paul Stuart) 3)\tCadogan last 33 chestnut antiqued decorated cap wing (Burlington Arcade 12/91) 4)\tCardiff last 89 derby chestnut decorated cap toe (Polo Whitaker 4/04) Black 5)\tCardiff last 89 derby decorated cap toe (Polo-Whitaker 6/04) 6)\tSouthwold last 888 fancy cap wing (Burlington Arcade 1/04) 7)\tCleverly-unsure if EG or C&J. Last 337 plain delicate wingtip 1/04  9791-12 Handmade J & M (all from Bennie's) 1)\t24-4958 Brown cap toe ("Second"-rubber heel and plain interior) 2)\t24-3015 Brown short wing PS ("Second"-rubber heel and plain interior) new 25743; 108N 3)\t24-3015 Brown short wing (velvet box) 96664; 906N 4)\t24-3016 Black cap toe PS ("Second" with first quality heel and fancy interior) 5)\t24-4016 Black cap toe -new 79344; 1-006 Weston Black derby cap wing Church Black 1)\tPlain toe last 84 3107/10nM09391 2)\tNew Yorker last 73 0205-BCB plain toe 3)\tNew Yorker last 73 0205-BCB plain toe 4)\t"Brooks English" 910 heavy short wing 5)\t"Brooks English" 952 semi-long wing 6) Thames (like rubber heel Consul) 7)\tHarvard last 54 018-BCB saddle oxford 8)\tDiplomat last 73 0190-BC decorated cap wing (Brussels-new soles) 9)\tDiplomat last 73 0190-BC decorated cap wing (London-Burberry) 10)\tDiplomat last 73 0190-BC decorated cap wing (NYC) 11)\tDiplomat last 73 0190-BC decorated cap wing 12) Holburn last 54 modern 010-BCB wingtip 13)\tBordeaux last 73 0230-BC light wing tip   14)\tChetwyn last 73 0189-BC wing tip Brown 15)\tHenley last 149 030-TC lined short wing tip 16)\tBalmoral last 73 031-TCB lined cap toe 17) Shannon last 224 06-TCB rust brogue 18)\tCordo-colored last 54 Harvard saddle oxford 19)\t"Brooks English" short wing 20)\tBurwood last 81 English tan short wing 21)\tNew Yorker last 73 0205-TCB plain toe Crockett & Jones Black (1) Weymouth decorated plain toe (hand grade 9411-12 (2) Surrey U throat wing (hand grade) 26173 (3) Polo (double sole) cap toe 16401/14733 (4) (Brooks Peal) short wing 1566/240 Brown (5) (Polo) tan cap toe (6) (Brooks Peal) English tan cap wing (7) (Brooks Peal) decorated cap toe (8) (Polo) English tan heavy short wing Alden leather sole Black (1) 9841 ?last Black shell cordovan cap toe (2) 912 Barrie last U-throat (3) 926 Arch Street last Short wing tip   (4) 916 Arch Street last Grain short wing (5) 932 Aberdeen last (Brooks) plain toe (6) 909 Hampton last medallion tip balmoral cap wing (7) 971 ?last modern heavy cap toe Brown (8) 925 Arch Street last short wing tip (9) 910 Barrie last U-throat (10) 900 Hampton last straight tip balmoral decorated cap toe (11) 904 Hampton last suede wingtip (12) ?last Brooksgate rust decorated cap toe (rubber heel) (13) 907 Hampton last straight tip balmoral plain cap toe Alden Rubber or cellular sole oxfords plus one loafer 1)   945 Barrie Black Alden grain plain toe (resoled) 2)   946 Barrie Black Alden grain plain toe cellular sole (dyed from brown) plain toe 3)   947 Barrie last Brown Alden grain plain toe with combo crepe sole Allen Edmonds Black 1)\tKent cap wing 2)\tBoulevard (double sole) glossy short wing tip 3)\tLeeds (double sole) plain grain mid wing 4)\tLloyd glossy short wingtip 5)\tPark Avenue plain cap toe 6)\tDanbury plain short wing 7)\tFairfield cap wing Brown 8)\tPark Avenue cordo-colored cap toe 9)\tPark Avenue cordo-colored cap toe 10)\tPark Avenue rust cap toe 11)\tStrand tan cap toe 12)\tStrand burgundy cap toe 13)\tPolo cordo-colored saddle oxford 14)\tPolo burgundy/black saddle oxford 15)\tBoulevard short wing tip 16)\tLeeds (double sole) plain grain 17)\tSanford cordo-colored cap wing 18)\tBelgium cordo-colored U throat Other black oxfords (1) Paul Stuart cap toe (very soft-?Italy)   (2)\tFoster & Son (very soft) (new soles) wing tip (3)\tJohnston & Murphy Crown Aristocrat short wing (4)\t? (like Diplomat) English cap toe (5)\tFerragamo cap wing Other brown oxfords 1)\tJ&M reddish grain long wing 2)\tFerragamo burgundy cap toe 3)\tTweed (Church's) plain brogue Brown loafers 1)\tAlden (Brooks) 986 Van last shell cordovan penny (just resoled) 2)\tAlden (Brooks) 986 Van last shell cordovan penny 3)\tAlden (Brooks) 563 Aberdeen last shell cordovan tassel 4)\tAlden 683 Aberdeen last burgundy short vamp tassel (Mauri-NYC) 5)\tAlden (Brooks) 663 Aberdeen last burgundy tassel 6)\tAlden 560 Aberdeen last brown tassel 7)\tAlden 610? Aberdeen Last English tan kiltie wing tip 8)\tEdward Green last 184 (Paul Stuart 7/02) acorn antique kiltie 9)\tCrockett & Jones (Brooks-Peal) rust penny 10)\tCarroll & Company English braided tassel (1/2 rubber sole) 11)\tAllen Edmonds English tan Brookwood braided tassel 12)\tChurch suede tassel 13)\tChurch Redford 085-TC updated penny 14)\tChurch Kingsley I last 69R 059-TCB tassel 15)\tChurch Kingsley I last 69R 059-TCB tassel 16)\tChurch Ringway last 54 067-TRC tassel (antiqued) 17)\tChurch Corsica last 54 088-TCB vamp strap 18)\tChurch English tan tassel wingtips 19)\tGucci dark brown bit with green Black loafers 20)\tAlden 770 Aberdeen last (Brooks) tassel   21)\tAlden 660 Aberdeen last tassel 22)\tAlden 770 Aberdeen last (Brooks) tassel 23)\tAlden 560 Aberdeen last (dyed black) tassel 24)\tAlden 681 ?last mod strap penny 25)\tAlden ?last grain (dyed black) penny (cellular sole) 26)\tNunn Bush penny 27)\tAllen Edmonds Cameron mod full strap penny 28)\tGucci bit with red/blue Loafers-new 1)\tAlden 663 Aberdeen last cordo tassel 2)\tAlden dark brown short wing vamp ?last tassel 3)\tBlack J & M Crown Aristocrat tassel Spectators (1)\tFrank Bros (Johnston & Murphy) cordo-colored patent with tan mesh (2)\tCrockett & Jones (Peal-Brooks) English tan with tan mesh  1606/240 (3)\tAllen Edmonds Broadstreet black/white wingtips (4)\tAllen Edmonds Olympiad dark tan/white wingtips White bucks (red sole) Brooks Brothers Boots (1) Crockett & Jones brown Chukka Deck and boat shoes (1)\tBrown Sebago deck (2)\tSperry Topsider multi-colored boat -new (3)\tDugi Dock (Brussels) red/white boat (4)\tDark green boat Walking shoes (1)\tNew Balance 790 (2)\tNew Balance 842 Bedroom slippers (1) New & Lingwood
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WOW. Can you post pictures for us sometime?
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What an impressive shoe wardrobe, jerrysfriend. Makes me feel better about the shoeaholism I've developed in the last year or so. I think I'm up around 35 pairs of footgear at the moment. This will probably jump to 39 or 40 after the A-E outlet sale late this month. I don't have anything really top-drawer, however--nothing fancier than Allen-Edmonds or $300-class Ferragamos. If I had to break it down, it would be as follows: Dress and High-End Dress Casual: 17 pairs (A-E, Ferragamo, Faconnable) Lower-end Dress Casual: 8 pairs (Ralph Lauren [not the good stuff], H. Trask, Timberland, Rockport, Cole-Haan) Knockabout Casual: 5 pairs (Clarks, Timberland, Born) Outdoor Boots: 3 pairs (Raichle, Timberland, Danner) Sneakers: 1 pair (don't remember who made them) Slippers: 1 pair (Evans) I think after a final spree at the Allen-Edmonds sale, I am going to go on the wagon for a good long while.
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Spectators (1)\tFrank Bros (Johnston & Murphy) cordo-colored patent w tan mesh
You certainly keep your shoes a long time-I'm impressed.   Frank Brothers, where I shopped in the late '60's, hasn't been around for perhaps 30 years. I have many of the same models you have, like multiple pairs of Alden loafers and Church, just fewer. I'm learning the futility of discarding shoes from this forum. Do you do anything special in terms of shoe maintenance? Who repairs your shoes (I assume in New York, judging from your brands)?
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Holy smokes. I feel so much better about myself Better check back with me in 30 years though...
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I got two pairs of Adidas sneakers the other day for cheap. These aren't typical sneakers, though. They look more like shoes made for street soccer: sleek and low to the ground. I like them a lot. The first pair is mainly white with brown stripes. I paid $15 thanks to a huge clearance sale. The second pair is brown with light grey stripes. I paid $49 since they were in real demand and I was too impatient to wait until they went on sale/sold out entirely.
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I am fascinated by the smoothie of awe, surprise, respect and dash of horror that I got out of Jerry'sfriend's list.
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My wife bought me the Frank Brothers shoes before we were married in 1968. Before that, for a birthday gift, she paid $50 toward the $80 purchase price for my first fine pair of shoes listed above, and which I still have, the Alden 990 plain toe cordovans. Prior to then, I just suffered the pain and agony of breaking in and wearing Bass Weejuns and brands like Nunn Bush and Florsheim. The Alden were a revelation. I have only bought good shoes since then, except for a few mistakes. Louie of Bennie's said that Johnston & Murphy was so respected in the 1960's that many stores in mid-sized cities wanted to have the right to sell them exclusively, so Johnston & Murphy created other names (Frank Brothers and also "Whitehouse and Hardy," I think) and would let one other store in each town have the exclusive right to sell each  other brand. When one has this many shoes, it is hard to wear anything out if one rotates them; I have tossed out only a couple of good shoes, many years ago, when I had far fewer. Cordovans are indestructibe. Only one pair of Church's (Chetwyn's), two of "Brooks' English" (also Church's) and two Alden calfskins come to mind as being discarded (the leather badly cracked on all of them). Back then, I did not polish enough and also used saddle soap, which has a drying effect. I live in Atlanta. Our one really good shoe repair placed closed a few years ago; since then a friend takes them to Athens (70 miles away) where he practices law, to have them repaired at a really excellent place, which surprisingly is 25-30% less than most terrible Atlanta cobblers. He said that many University of Georgia grads still mail their shoes there for repair. It is: "Marvin's", located at 156 College Avenue, Athens, GA 30601.  Phone:  706-546-5090.
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Thanks, jerrysfriend, for an interesting (maybe even nostalgic) series of posts. You're very fortunate to have a wife who supports your avocation.
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Still somewhat awestruck by jerrysfriend's magnificent shoe wardrobe/collection. I would feel more rueful that I didn't have the good sense to start buying good shoes at a fairly young age were it not for the fact that my feet changed size when I was in my mid-40s. Prior to that date I had always taken a "B" or "C" width depending on the last since I reached my present size 13 when I was 15 years old. However, by the time I reached my late 40s, I was taking a 13D, which is seems to be a good deal more readily available than the narrower widths. Anybody else have a similar experience of their shoe size changing at a mature age? I will add that I have always given thanks to the Good Lord or whatever Power governs the affairs of men that my feet stopped growing at size 13 rather than 13 1/2. I have compassion for my brother-in-law--poor b#####d is a size 15AAA. Until I learned that, I always had disdain for the crummy-looking shoes he is compelled to wear.
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Wow jerrysfriend: that is a really big collection. You have a bigger collection than me (around 100: all leather). l always thought l was a shoe freek but you take the cake (with respect). l have so many in storage, l don't know what l have. l am so glad your wife approves, mine forbids me getting anymore. Fair enough to. l would like to buy another 40 pairs but the missus would leave me. (She only thinks l have about 30 pairs. l hide my shoes in storage). Jerrysfriend: l don't think you should buy anymore shoes because you need to break the shoes in. (There is nothing worse than constantly breaking in new shoes. Old broken in shoes are much better). BTW, l will say that most of my shoes (around 70 pairs) have only been worn 2 or 3 times. l wear around 20 shoes regularly. Every single pair are leather soled except for my Reeboxs.
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lt's been 6 hours sinse l read you post Jerrysfriend; l am still stunned by your collection. Well done.
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Add the new Santoni spectators and George's Coll. (not bad) that I bought on e-bay to my list, plus add one pair of new New Balance sneeks bought Saturday. I sent the new Gravati [from Bluefly] back; too big. I guess the wife approved at first, when I was nearly shoeless; however, I am forced to admit that I have been sneaking in most of the last hundred pair or so. Hope to have big shoe news for everyone in a week or so.
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