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How many pairs of shoes do you own??

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Let's do this anonymously, for all ya'll that are afraid to admit the truth. And no cheating - I don't care if they are sneakers, climbing shoes or bedroom slippers. Count them.
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Well, they do start to add up when you count all of them.
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I am still recovering from the paralysis of reading marc39's description of his collection (see A Harris' link in the other post); I must have missed that the first time it was posted.  To call it replete would be an understatement. I do have two earnest questions for members who have accumulated a similar quantity: where do you store your shoes and how often do you wear each pair?
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1. closet 2. not all are worn very often. i probably wear 10-12 regularly
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Where's the option for 0 pairs? Seriously though, I've got about 20 pairs. I only wear a handful on a regular basis. 1. Black Steve Madden's with the 4 stripes on the side. 2. Puma retro-style running shoes, beige with red trim. 3. Black monk-strap shoes. 4. Light brown slip-in dress shoes. 5. Brown suede Bruno Magli slip-on shoes. 6. Light brown leather trainers/shoes. 7. Brown slides/sandals. 8. Black Too Boot NY slides/sandals. 9. Tan/red/white Diesel flip-flops. 10. Cross-trainers for the gym or for running.
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My favorite pair of shoes is my pair of Brown Asics Onitsuka Tigers. Love those thing. Don't have any nice (C&J, EG, etc) dress shoes. Waiting for something cheap to pop up on eBay
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I'm in the 1-10 range, but my collection will probably expand within a year or two. MtB
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If had the bucks, I'd get at least ten pair of Bespoke from Cleverly, EG, Vass, etc.
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Goodness gracious, fellas. Looks like I need some more shoes.
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I voted in the 10-20 range, but if you include Tommy Bahama flip-flops, slippers, cowboy and hiking boots, I think I'm over 20. I was under 10 this time last year- then caught the shoe geek thing from all of my compatriots here. My latest find is a pair of Ralph Lauren Edward Green loafers purchased last Friday at a Nordstrom Rack. They're burnt pine, have the famous EG slip stitch (sort of reversed under split toe), and are on the 86 last. For the price I paid I'm not sure if I want to wear them or sell them, especially as they're a tiny bit tight in the arch, and a bit loose in the heel. They are 10/10.5. Anyone interested?
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...then caught the shoe geek thing from all of my compatriots here.
Welcome to the dark side.
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I recently added a pair of Bruno Maglis to my shoe collection. I bought them off of eBay for cheap. They're brown. They fit perfectly. I also have a pair of C&J's coming in from Plalalalalalal.
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I have A. Testoni, Ferragamo, J.M. Weston, To Boot Adam Derrick dress shoes. For casual shoes, I have Hogan and Bally sneaker-style shoes. For loafers, i have Tod's and Camper. For my tennis & running shoes I have Adidas. For hiking, I wear Salomon.
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For those of you with large collections or small closets (or both), I wanted to mention that I recently purchased some cedar shoe racks from that have resulted in a huge increase in organization in my overstuffed clothes closet. The racks are made by Woodlore, which is owned by Allen-Edmonds. I got four of the "large" racks, in cedar, and have them stacked (they are stackable) "two and two." Not only does the closet smell nice with the cedar, the racks are sturdy, look great (organization is a good thing) and hold five pairs of shoes each.
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Does anyone store their shoes with their trees tucked away in the original dust bags in the boxes?
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