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Origin of Shipton & Heneage Shoes

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Shoe experts of SF,


Some previous posts about S&H shoes indicated that many of their offerings are just rebranded C&J, AS, and Grenson. However, I also found out that they also have a line of shoes made in Naples.


Is it safe to assume that if a pair of S&H shoes does not say "made in England," they are most likely of the lower quality italian line?


I recently purchased a pair of S&H chelsea boots off a forum, but they don't seem to correlate with any of the current offerings listing on the S&H site. 


Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/2GKEV#7


Thanks in advance!

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you could try identifying the original maker via the heel configuration (provided they are original), and the last/labeling on the lining near the heel
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I was thinking about cheaney or barker.
I saw at least 4 models made by cheaney on the shipton website.

And regarding their hypothetical line made in Naple the unique name that comes to my mind is Campanile
http://www.campanile1.com/ but I don't think it's a model in their style.
Do you know the company's name of Naple? I'm curious, as Naple is not known for making shoes
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I understand Shipton and Heneage have a good record in replying to enquiries about the origins of their shoes.

You say their shoes are 'just' rebranded offerings, but I don't think S. and H. are passing themselves off as manufacturers. Their website says they 'supply' high quality shoes.
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