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Durable modern luxury leather Chelsea?

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I bought a pair of JM Weston a few years ago and a pair of Gucci's last year. I have a feeling that because they were calfskin, they tended to get nicked or cut easily when traveling. On the other hand I do have 5 year old Prada's I've worn all over the world almost everyday. They still look great shined and don't have any nicks. I need a new pair of Chelsea dress boots. What do you all recommend? I want something that will last and still look good as my Pradas. Fluevog and Prada comes to mind again. What do you all think?

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RM Williams craftsman comes to my mind, I dont think you can really beat them in terms of a chelsea boot.
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How about theseĀ Carmina chelsea's? I've handled them at Epaulet's Brooklyn store and they're much sleeker than the RM Williams craftsman; finer grained leather too.

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I disagree on sleekness, the sole on the carmina is chunkier, I think these look very sleek (photo borrowed from rm williams thread). dc033cd1_vbattach40317.jpg
That in addition to the RM Williams being much cheaper. What alsomakes them unique and special is that they are a wholecut and you can get them with a brass screwed sole which is rare and makes very little lip from the sole sticking out compared to being goodyear welted all around.
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How about something with a more square toe? The round toes make it look a bit more like roper cowboy boots....the problem I've always had with RMW. My JM Westins have the round toe....looks amazing!
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