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Can a tailor "tighten" a jacket collar?

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Can the collar of a jacket be altered to make it hug the neck more? If so, is this major surgery, or should any decent tailor be able to do the job?
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Any decent tailor can do it. Finding a decent tailor may be problematic, as most "tailors" spend their time hemming pants and don't know much about altering suits.
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Depends on the reason the collar doesn't hug your neck. Usually it's caused by the shoulder line and related to squarish shoulders and or posture issues. Can also be caused when you have a proportionally small neck circumference compared to your chest size. The root cause of the issue needs to be corrected along with the collar work. Collar and shoulder work is time consuming and has limitations due to little or no outlets in these areas.

If the shoulder line is good and it is not related to posture it could be as simple or as complex, depending on the collar construction, as shortening the collar. This will reveal the skill of the tailor for sure.
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Chris, can the root cause be ascertained from pictures?
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I have had the same question for awhile as I always have collar gap in off the rack jackets.  Chris, do either of these two pictures of a jacket I recently tried on give any insight into why I struggle with this issue?



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Picture doesn't reveal much but my guess is the issue relates to having squarish shoulders. Jacket shoulders are too sloped and don't align with your natural shoulder line.
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I am having some issues with collar gap as well. Can anyone please shed some light/suggestions on why?



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