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I know I haven't been super active - alot of it has to do with focusing on writing longform stuff. Thought you guys might dig an interview I did with Jian (user ctrl-alt-elite) who recently went from Complex Magazine to GQ as a staff writer.


"Being a good writer isn’t enough, but it does account for a lot. I’m pretty proficient in Photoshop and have enough Internet-savviness to hold my own in social media, but the future of media is about people who understand why people read what they do, how they get that information, and how to use any platforms to communicate the same message. Being a good writer doesn’t just mean your articles are on point, but you should have enough wit to compose a decent tweet, or know how to engage people via Facebook. It’s all about learning how people are communicating, and using that to your advantage. "

Full interview text here:

Let me know what you think and anything you;d like to ask as a follow up!