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As technology changes, so does quilting. If you know how to make photo quilts, you will be combining some of the new with some of the old to create a fabulous memory of a person or a happy event.

How to Make Photo Quilts

First, you have to decide on who or what you would like to memorialize. Then, go to your pictures. If you have a high quality scanner, you might be able to scan photos, but photos from your digital camera are probably your best bet. Upload your images to your computer.

Next, you will probably need photo software to manipulate your pictures. You can size your photographs, get rid of camera-flash-induced red eyes, enhance colors and generally improve the appearances of photographs that you might not otherwise choose using this type of software.

If you don't have this software currently, go to your favorite search engine and type in "photo software." You might also want to do some research on picking out the best software for your needs. After you choose your software, follow the software's instructions on how to fix your pictures.

You be printing your photos on transfer paper, which is relatively expensive. If you are planning on printing several smaller images, try to print them together on one page rather than separately. In addition, test your photos on regular printing paper first to make sure that the pictures look right.

Hopefully, you have an inkjet printer with moderate to high resolution. In addition, your printer needs to be able to accommodate the thickness of this paper.

After your transferred prints have been printed and are dry, cut the photos apart. Then, lay each photo transfer face down on a piece of fabric and iron it onto the material, making sure to follow the transfer paper manufacturer's instructions.

You can now get to quilting! Remember that you have a lot of design choices. If you just have one picture, you will probably want to center the image so that it is the focal point of the quilt. If you have several pictures, try a photo-piece of fabric-photo-piece of fabric pattern. In addition, you can use your photos as appliqu├ęs.

Be creative and have fun!