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Hey guys, we've upload some gingham fabrics that also have a scale, so you can get an idea of how big the checks are.

Let us know if you're interested and we're happy to offer a first time customer discount!


The following are all one-ply oxford cotton checks






Royal Blue


Navy Blue



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Really nice! :slayer:

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Happy Monday everyone! Adding some pencil and thin stripes for you guys to see.





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Very nice!

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Likin den better guys nod[1].gif
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A few more check fabrics with a subtle underlying pattern as well for everyone to look at, anyone interested in trying any of the fabrics we've posted? :) 

An early Happy Chinese New Year as well from our staff at Moda Republic! 







Here are a few more pencil stripes as well! 



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Happy Chinese New Year!

Interested in some of them. I might be visiting Hong Kong later this year. Will check out the store if I do come.

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Look fwd to having you visit zinc2162 and happy Chinese new year!
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Hey Folks,

Thought I'd pop in here and write a review comparing Moda Republic and Modern Tailor, because, probably like many of you, I have had a lot of experience buying Made to Measure shirts from MT. Of course, it would be easier to just write a review saying hey, these shirts are great, go buy them; but I thought it would be more helpful if I compared to something familiar to put everything in context.

"A" Pricing:
Ok, so pricing is about similar if you are looking at shirts on sale at Modern Tailor. Moda Republic is offering discounts in this preliminary period to help us try out their products, which bring the cost to about $50 or slightly less. Modern Tailor shirts run anywhere from free (for the first shirt) to $150+, but a typical shirt costs $50-70. One thing that is nice is that Moda Republic offers more customization without upcharges. For example, they allowed me to send in my own collar specifications to make a collar shaped according to my taste. They also offer split yokes for no extra charge, while Modern Tailor charges for these things. Additionally, Moda Republic doesn't charge extra for shipping -- Modern Tailor charges about $10 per shirt.

"C+" Fabric Selection:
Fabric selection at the moment is a huge problem for Moda Republic. They don't have a lot up on their website. Apparently, this month they hope to launch their new system which will have more fabrics integrated, but either way, expect not to have as much to choose from as on Modern Tailor. Fortunately, it seems like their fabrics might be better. Modern Tailor offers a lot of fabrics that feel extremely cheap, thin, or easily wrinkled. I am totally satisfied with the fabric I got on my first shirt. Selection was made over e-mail after giving Alex some information about what I was looking for and receiving a number of e-mails back with 5-10 swatch photos attached to choose from.

"A+" Quality:
Moda Republic's work is higher quality. I own about 8 shirts from Modern Tailor and every single one came with a large amount of loose thread, around button holes, neck lines, sleeves, and otherwise. The shirt I got from Moda Republic is much cleaner, and the button holes are better finished. Additionally, their Mother of Pearl buttons are perfect. The MOP buttons offered at Modern Tailor are pretty unappealing -- they offer two types, thin and thick; the thin MOP buttons are misshapen and often times have black marking across the back or edges, their thick MOP buttons are free of these imperfections, but come in a very small diameter, where they look out of place as primary buttons on a shirt. Moda Republic's MOP buttons are flawless, and cost $5, same as MT's thick MOP.

"A+" Customer Service:
Chris and Alex handle customer service at Moda Republic. They are pretty great. I would know because we've literally exchanged over a hundred e-mails (I haven't just ordered a shirt from them, they have also made me a suit, which I'll review in the future). In almost every case, I get a reply to my e-mails within a few hours, in rare cases, up to a day or two. Their tone is professional and they speak perfect English. I've talked to Modern Tailor as well, but their customer service is less approachable -- days often go by without answers, additionally, things don't always get communicated clearly, possibly because of language barriers, and you do not feel interested to write follow up e-mails to make everything certain. The most important thing is that Chris and Alex are patient, they have spent a lot of time going over things with me and have not gotten sloppy at times when other vendors would have given up or become uninterested in the potential for a sale.

Moda Republics shirts are awesome. I'm in love with the color they made for me, it is exactly the shape that I like and is totally soft and manipulable (I specifically requested the collar be lined without fusing). I can't get that kind of service at other Made to Measure vendors. They definitely need to get on the ball with getting their other fabrics up, and I worry about whether the price will go up in the future, when they have established a name for themselves. However, for right now, they are the best and only source I will be looking at for any dress shirts that I need. One note I'll make is this, I made a mistake ordering the cuff size -- Moda Republic measures cuff size from one edge of the cuff fabric to the other. On other made to measure sites like Modern Tailor, the cuff is measured according to its effective size, meaning the distance between the button and buttonhole. Keep this in mind so your cuffs don't wind up too small. That's about it re: the shirts. I'm working with them on final details / edits for a made to measure VBC suit. If I like the final product on that I am actually planning on visiting them in Hong Kong when I am there this April.

Photos for comparison, the lighter blue shirt is by Modern Tailor, the darker, striped blue is by Moda Republic:
Moda Republic MOP versus MT MOP:

Moda Republic MOP versus MT MOP:

Moda Republic stitching versus MT stitching:

Moda Republic stitching versus MT stitching:

Moda Republic's very nice, FREE, split yoke, versus MT standard yoke:

Moda (open collar):

Moda custom collar, front:

Moda custom collar, angle:

MT large cutaway collar, front:

MT large cutaway collar, angle:

Edited by xizenta - 2/3/14 at 5:54pm
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  • Hi xizenta,


​Thanks so much for the honest and detailed review of our fabrics, construction, and most of all our customer service. We've really made an effort to make sure all customer emails are answered in a very timely fashion. Alex and I both realize that fabric selection is definitely our weakest link right now but we're working hard to address that and look forward to having a bunch of fabrics for people to choose from soon! 




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Hi guys, 



Here are two chambray fabrics and two poplin fabrics for you guys to take a look at! 


2-Ply Blue Chambray



2-Ply Dark Blue Chambray



2-Ply Dark Navy Poplin



2-Ply Wine Red Poplin


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Those "chambray" shirts look like end-on-end, not chambray.
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A few more plain colored fabrics for you guys! 


2-Ply Lavender Poplin



2-Ply Mint Green Poplin



2-Ply Purple Poplin



What fabrics would you guys like to see more of, stripes or more unique check patterns?  

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Belated Happy Valentine's to all of you in the thread. We're continuing to get good traction on our shirts, etc and I know I've said it a few times now (embarrassingly enough!) but we should have our site within the next few weeks. We are going through final beta testing and have redesigned everything. Here's a sneak peek:


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Nice! Congrats Alex and Chris! :slayer:

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