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If it's good eneough for Ryan…

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How's the quality/sizing of the winter coats? Looking at the serge coat

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It's a Fox Brothers fabric - probably exclusive to Margaret Howell. Fox Brothers is great quality and it will be Margaret Howell high quality in terms of tailoring, but I don't know where this coat is made? Portugal, Italy or Czech Republic? There is sizing on the site. Appears to fit TTS. The only thing you might question is it's not fully lined, just has a half lining.
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I was looking at the glen check coat...worth the subjective "quality" premium over stuff like Acne or Raf? (since MHL doesn't discount as much/I couldn't find anything at least)

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I agree the discounting is not very generous at Sale, but such is the popularity of the brand anything really good is often sold out before Sale. Whether the clothing is worth the higher premium over Acne/Raf/etc. will be subjective, I think you can only really know by having it in front of you. I don't disagree Mainline is expensive, partiucarly the outwear. There's always MHL!
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I've found a lot of mainline pieces on deep sale in the past few seasons. They don't seem to sell very well compared to lower tier brands. Understandable since the more basic pieces look very plain in pictures. I'm picking up another merino/cashmere saddle neck, my third, and seriously considering the woollen serge winter coat. Just worried about sizing, the measurements look a tad big. It also looks kind of boring from pictures, but I have no doubt the quality will be superb.

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I'm looking for some pants (and we're not the same size either) do you mind sharing a spot or two? @accordion
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^Stronger than last year
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liking the trousers, i wonder how they stay up without belts
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side adjusters.

Looked at the trousers in more detail and most have belt loops; for whatever reasons the stylist decided not to use belts for the show.
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There's a woolen serge here in L for a steal. Thought about it but I think it fits too big.

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Originally Posted by accordion View Post

There's a woolen serge here in L for a steal. Thought about it but I think it fits too big.

That's still just shy of £500, I'd hardly call that a steal; and Pepper Store is in Norway so unless you live in Norway you are likely to get hit with import duties (add at least 20%+ to the price).
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It's a good deal if paying with USD, but I did forget about customs, though a lot of smaller shops will mark down if you ask them to.


Thoughts on these Solovairs to complement MH stuff? A bit more expensive than DM but I dislike contrast stitching.

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