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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

HAHA! Well, all I know is there was a navy version and a grey version and I thought you had one of each. lol. I actually have one of them too, although I forgot which it is but will find out in a few weeks when I visit my parents. I love her trousers. One thing to remember is that the narrow trousers are actually one of the fuller cuts, and she usually has another model that is slimmer. I'm going to stay away from the narrow trousers from now on because they look like that second pair does on you (un-narrow).

Fuller cuts compared to what?

IMO they are def. the narrowest trousers MH offer. They are not skinny, MH doesn't do skinny, they are just very tappered.

They also came in brown for AW14.
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I think he means fuller in the top block, which these definitely are. Mine are a large and they have a 13.5" rise and a a 13.3" thigh. Definitely a strong taper though.
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Yes, that's what I meant.
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Should I keep this MHL staff jacket? I feel like the left upper sleeve was cut weird and looks awkward/puffy compared to the right sleeve. Is this something a tailor could fix? (2nd pic shows left sleeve) (My left delts are slightly bigger but I doubt that has to do with anything.)



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^^ Annoying (i hate when, particularly expensive, clothes end up having such defects), but I guess it shouldnt be too difficult for a tailor to open the seam and remove some of the puffiness. If you really like it otherwise, perhaps worth it.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Could I get some feedback please dudes?

I got these mainline moleskin pants last FW, from memory they are the narrow trousers, I had them hemmed and that was it. Then I found a 2nd pair at a steal at Barneys warehouse so I picked up another pair but wasn't really sure what to do with them, I've finally got around to doing something with them, I ended up hemming them with a 1.5" cuff and tapering them down to 7". They were originally 7.25" at a 38" inseam, now they are 7" at a 33" inseam.
This is my first time tailoring anything real (I've been messing around making drop crotch pants for my 4 year old son and making "fun" stuff with cheap fabric for a few months though). I'm pretty happy with them, but wondering if I should taper them more throughout the upper leg as well. I didn't want to lose the relaxed feel of them but now that it's done I'm wondering if the proportions are off a little too much. I just threw it on with what I was wearing in the morning so don't pay attention to the rest of it, just the fit of the pants. I didn't take any before pictures though,
But most of the product shots had them modelled in a similar way.

I don't wear my black moleskins that often, but just dug them out and measured the leg opening, 8.5". They are from AW13 and were described as Slim Trousers.

The AW14 version (grey and navy) are described as Narrow Trousers, they must of changed the cut and then whacked the price up from £175 to £265!
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^^ Why dont you wear them that much? Looks fantastic imo.

And the price rise is just insane..
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Do you have any idea how many moles they have to catch to make them??
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Do you have any idea how many moles they have to catch to make them??

There's a glass and a half of fresh mole in every pair.
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Zizzou is correct - the mole is an endangered species at MH HQ!

I have a pair of the Narrow Trousers from SS15 (navy linen/cotton herringbone), they measure 7.5" opening. Have a look at SS16, the new trouser styles are huge, wide legs with lots of pleats.
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Sorry to clog up the thread. I've posted a WTB in the classifieds section but thought it wouldn't hurt to post here.


I'm looking for the three-colour gingham lined yoke shirt from AW14. Barney's, Mr Porter, Nitty Gritty and Unionmade all stocked it so surely someone has got one they want to get rid of. I'm looking for XS or S. If you've got any other MH bits (particularly outerwear), please message me.



As an aside, does anyone own a pair of the MHL monkey boots? I'd like to see some photos of them on foot.





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Thoughts on this overshirt?
(cotton-flannel and with a wool ribbed spread collar)

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Looks like pajamas?
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Funny you say that because they made a shirt called the Pajama Stripe Shirt, hey also make a shirt called the PJ Shirt in the Menwear Collection:

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