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Cant say I like the look book that much (of course there are stand out pieces). Which period is she/they referencing? 70s?

edit, the last handful of looks mainly based on MHL are really good. e.g.,
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Mainline two button sportcoat 60% off, size medium:

Few other items on Barneys Warehouse as well
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For those in London. Sample sale 24th & 25th September at The Music Rooms, 26 South Molton Lane, W1K 5LF.


Gutted I'm not in town then. If anyone could be as so kind to do a pick up for me I'd be eternally grateful and put some on top.

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Could I get some feedback please dudes?

I got these mainline moleskin pants last FW, from memory they are the narrow trousers, I had them hemmed and that was it. Then I found a 2nd pair at a steal at Barneys warehouse so I picked up another pair but wasn't really sure what to do with them, I've finally got around to doing something with them, I ended up hemming them with a 1.5" cuff and tapering them down to 7". They were originally 7.25" at a 38" inseam, now they are 7" at a 33" inseam.
This is my first time tailoring anything real (I've been messing around making drop crotch pants for my 4 year old son and making "fun" stuff with cheap fabric for a few months though). I'm pretty happy with them, but wondering if I should taper them more throughout the upper leg as well. I didn't want to lose the relaxed feel of them but now that it's done I'm wondering if the proportions are off a little too much. I just threw it on with what I was wearing in the morning so don't pay attention to the rest of it, just the fit of the pants. I didn't take any before pictures though,
But most of the product shots had them modelled in a similar way.

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I'd say the lower leg looks too slim from the front, fine from the side.

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Yeah that's what I'm mostly worried about. These are some bulky ass boots though so maybe they'd be better with something else, do you think tapering the upper leg would help?
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I think letting out the knees might be best, i dont know anything about tailoring though. Your thighs are most likely too muscular to make that lower leg width look natural no matter how slim the upper block is.
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Yeah the fabric is also REALLY thick so they need to be worn in a bit, looking at these photos it sits really stiff. My thighs are big but my calves are comparatively tiny so that's always a problem too. My other pair aren't good looking they are just big loose pants I wear when it's mad cold so I tried to make these better for casual wear. It would probably also help me get a better idea of it if I put together an actual fit.
Here's some different footwear. I think it looks a lot better woth the Geller boots actually but still needs some work. Like you said maybe let out the lower leg a bit.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I think it's just that the boots are a bit bulky for that sort of leg opening. Slightly less bulky boots and you'll be good to go once the pants have been worn in slightly.
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+1 to MoK. The top pair looks much better than the grey.
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Wait, what grey? They are the same pair of pants in all photos. I agree that the first set with the black brogues look really awkward though.
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Occulta: I have the first edition of these in black moleskin, they are very tapered so surprised you decided to taper the opening futher. Ideally the opneing should sit over your shoes or boot, which is not so easy if it is small. I really like the fit on these, although the moleskin is not a very giving as a fabric.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

Wait, what grey? They are the same pair of pants in all photos. I agree that the first set with the black brogues look really awkward though.

Sorry, they also came in grey and when you spoke of your other pair I thought the second one was the grey version (It does look kind of grey!) I didn't realize you got two of the same color. Anyway, the first photos look much better.
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@Caveat yes, both pairs are grey. These are all photos of the same pair though. It's just my iPhone photos playing tricks I guess. I was trying to get them to a fit similar to this, I will let out the hem maybe a half inch and see what it's like.
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HAHA! Well, all I know is there was a navy version and a grey version and I thought you had one of each. lol. I actually have one of them too, although I forgot which it is but will find out in a few weeks when I visit my parents. I love her trousers. One thing to remember is that the narrow trousers are actually one of the fuller cuts, and she usually has another model that is slimmer. I'm going to stay away from the narrow trousers from now on because they look like that second pair does on you (un-narrow).
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