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Much as a like MH I often get a feeling, looking at the mens collections, that there's a bit too much of an "on the way home from school" vibe going on with it. But as ever there are some nice pieces there.

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If you are thinking about picking up the Cotton Linen Herringbone Overshirt be warned it does shrink in the wash.

I sized up to an XL. It shrunk apx 1" across the chest, 1" sleeve length, 1/4" across the shoulders, and 1.5" in the length.

Fits' really nice now.
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New season (AW15) Margaret Howell items in stock at Mr Porter, including a shearling-lined cotton-twill gilet and some nice corduroy trousers. Seems a bit early for the new season stuff, no?


MH 'preview sale' starts today, the 8th, and 'actual sale' on the 10th!

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Mr Porter are usually slow to get Margaret Howell new season in, but this (having new season for into store early) is a trend that's been going on in the industry for many years now.

Would like to know why a cotton/cashmere saddle crew retails at £265 but a merino/cashmere saddle crew retails at £50 less (£215)? I'm assuming it's the cashmere content, but still, £50 is a significant difference for very similar garments.
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Originally Posted by adrianclement View Post

MH 'preview sale' starts today, the 8th, and 'actual sale' on the 10th!

Who is having a preview sale?
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Originally Posted by buzzlulu View Post

Who is having a preview sale?

Margaret Howell. Should have begun already!

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What are people's advice on MHL outerwear sizing? I'm thinking about getting the off-white anorak that's currently on sale. For MHL, I take a small in tops and jackets, but I've read that it's advisable to size down on outerwear, perhaps I should get an extra-small? I'm about 178 cm tall and on the slim side. I worry about sizing down and losing the oversized fit, but also don't want to be drowning in the anorak.

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I got the parka from last Mr Porter sale and if it's anything like that just size down 3 and bring some tent poles.
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The majority of my outerwear is sized down 1 but check the MH website. It has accurate garment measurements. 

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Sample sizes are usually Medium, and most models are 38" chest – so the catwalk photo above and look-book photo should give you an idea of how to size.

Yes the previous MHL's Parkas were over-sized.

I have the Ventile Parka from this season and went for my regular size Large, fits nice, but the MHL are a little more generous.
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Cool, thanks guys! Hard to judge from the measurements online as I don’t currently have a parka/anorak. The person from the store took some photos of him wearing the XS and S.








He said he’s 183 cm tall and recommends the fit of the XS. I’m 178 cm, so just a bit shorter than him. Mainly concerned about the length of the sleeves; the fit of the S seems to match the way it’s styled in the catwalk, but the XS seems a bit more fitted. Should I go with the way it's styled or size down for a more fitted look?


Yeah, here is how it looks on the catwalk, seems pretty breezy especially when viewed in motion from the back: https://youtu.be/HgUa6wtWewo?t=133


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^^id go with the S. When in doubt, size up. Cant say that I like the parka much though, how will you wear it?
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Which store took the photos for you? MH Japan sizing is one size smaller than the European sizing.

I would not size down. Outwear should have some room for you to breath.
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The photos are from the Working Title store in Cananda. But yeah, I think you’re both right about not sizing down.

What don’t you like about the anorak? I’m not a big fan of how it’s styled on the catwalk, thinking of going for a more casual look like it has been style for women in the MHL campaign. What do you reckon?


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