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Poll expired: Sep 24, 2013 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 70% of voters (42)
  • 8% of voters (5)
  • 5% of voters (3)
  • 40% of voters (24)
  • 3% of voters (2)
  • 23% of voters (14)
    in stitches
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also, if anyone really wants to post up sans pants, with or without underpants, you may, and you will be included in the poal.
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I think I did my one tie+BD collar look per year a little while ago; I think my immune system would rebel against another one so soon thereafter. :p

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

also, if anyone really wants to post up sans pants, with or without underpants, you may, and you will be included in the poal.

so lemme get this straight....if i post my pole ill be included in the poll?
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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

so lemme get this straight....if i post my pole ill be included in the poll?


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Oh, I'll probably play along, the challenges are always fun... but I can't promise to actually keep the tie on (and the square absent) after the photos are taken! :)


In fact, it might be interesting to post both variants up (although of course I do understand that only the "no pants"-approved version would go into the poll!)

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Stick to your guns, Stitchy. I'm out, though. I don't own a single BD.
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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Feel free to strike down my thinking. After all, the main reason I come to SF anymore is to find things that may change my per-conceived notions. However, here are my concerns:
  • The BD shirt is inherently more casual than it's spread or semi-spread counterparts. What's more, given the forum's penchant for completely unlined and unfused collars, I foresee a lot of people sporting floppy collars that really detract from the sharpness that a suit is supposed to convey.
  • There are very few BD collars made that work with a tie. Casting aside the "collar points must extend to the lapel" rule-of-thumb endorsed by SF, there are still not a lot of (OTR) options that really appear tasteful when paired with ties. Either the roll is too minimal, or the proportions/cut of the collar throw everything off.
  • To my thinking (again, just my opinion), button-down collars aren't made for suits. Regardless of with or without a tie, they just don't look right to my eye. Now I think a tweedy professorial look of odd pants and jacket can look great with a tattersall BD and a rustic tie. However, again, suits generally convey a totally different feel.

The only real chance of success, to my thinking, is a suit in a more casual, rustic fabric (think tweed). Anything worsted will look off.

I entirely agree with your explicit and implicit main points - the suit has to be casual and the shirt will likely have to be bespoke.

I think you're being a little too restrictive in terms of suiting. A mottled flannel could work. On the other end of the temperature spectrum, a cotton, linen (I have to admit even though I don't like linen suits) or Solaro suit would work. A lighter colored fresco, especially one of the very mottled new Crispaire-s with patch pockets could also do the trick.

But for all practical purposes, I'd be willing to bet that you see a lot of blah with overly business / dark / slick suits with buttondowns and printed ties.
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i am strongly considering a small change to the challenge. please do not post any fits before tonight. final word will be available by 6:30 PM EST.
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Don't lose your nerve now, Stitchy!
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its not about losing my nerve. if everyone said they have BDs but did not like the idea, id press on, but considering it seems there is a dearth of BDs, i wouldnt want to make a challenge that would preclude the masses from entering.

tho i guess it would make the poal easier for me to make.
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Sadly enough, boychik, I think that I will have to decline participation in this challenge. I am scheduled to be meeting some acquaintances from out of town for drinks after dinner on Friday, and they, as a group, I expect, will be decked out in the fullest of suited splendor, which would include French/double cuffed shirts, and no buttondown collars. BD collars will not be grand enough for this bunch, I fear.

So sorry to disappoint.

Good Sukkot to you. (One assumes that the holiday has nothing to do with the old blaxploitation movie, "I'm Goin' to Git You, Sukkah" - sorry, couldn't resist the pun.)
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Subscribed; shall participate.
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Lol crusty, no correlation.

At present there is a very good chance that I will change the requirement from a BD collar shirt, to requiring a striped shirt with any collar. No solids, checks, plaids.... striped shirts only. And no micro stripes that dissolve to solid.

The other requirements will remain. Final the word will be given later tonight or tomorrow. Hang with me, guys.

Feel free to share thoughts on the change.
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I thought I was going be able to show off my quads in this challenge... :(




Being serious, I don't own any BD shirt. :(

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no thoughts on swaping a stripe shirt for the BD?

food for thought in the meanwhile....
Originally Posted by Henry Carter View Post

They are getting warmer here but while it's much easier to dress in winter I still really love the warmer months. Been crappy the last few days though -

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Suit: MJ Bale
Short: Kamakura
Tie: Henry Carter Repp 7 fold
PS: Henry Carter Irish linen
Shoes: Carmina
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