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I have been quite satisfied with my favorite shoe trees, the Woodlore Epic twin tube trees.  But I splurged when I ordered the whiskey Harlechs and ordered the standard C&J trees (mainline I think it was).  I was shipped the older mainline version with the single tube trees, not the twin tube new trees that have presumably replaced the single tube version.


My comment is that I am amazed at how well the C&J trees fit my Harlechs.  They also fit the Conistons really well.  Very tempted to order a couple more of these.  I couldn't understand why anyone would spend that kind of money on shoe trees.  But maybe I do now.

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its cuz the C&J trees also fill out the vamp! with generic ones, best case scenraio they only fill out the toe box. I just rotate 2 pairs for all 6 pairs of C&J boots
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Now why didn't I think of that!  :embar:

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Yes, I highly recommend their shoe trees for their shoes.


Even the regular tree is shaped to fit most of their lasts well. I even use it on some of my 348 lasts as opposed to the lasted 'handgrade' tree which retails at $170.


Frankly, I think $170 is a little overpriced for their lasted tree.


G&G charges $150 for their lasted trees and you can get them for any last. G&G's shoes all retail at over $1,000+


C&J charges $170 for their lasted tree and it is only available in the 348 last. C&J's shoes are usually $600-700 with the exception of some handgrades $850ish and the SKYE2 $1000+

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Would anyone be up for a Snowdon in scotch or pebble grain?? I would love a boot with Veldtschoen construction


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Yeah I think I may be interested. Is that a ridgeway or vibram sole? I'm looking for a badass bad weather boot that still can be dressed up - this looks to fit the bill.
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Originally Posted by rydenfan View Post

Would anyone be up for a Snowdon in scotch or pebble grain?? I would love a boot with Veldtschoen construction

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That is a seriously badass boot. Would likely be interested in a dark brown scotch... It might have to wait a few months though as the winter is coming to a close, and I'm more interested in the Cheviot at the moment. Even that is on a bit of a back-burner, as I'm meant to be saving $ for a house...
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Do C&J work with CXL?
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^ Definitely prefer a darker color. Not in a rush but would love to move this forward in time for Sept/Oct. delivery.
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^ I agree on the darker color. Like Islay or darker than that?
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Guys I would be interested in heavy duty Zug leather.
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Cool! I guess there is some interest :) Lets work on putting the specs together and then we can always delay contacting C&J about it. I do believe these boots take a bit longer to construct so we will want to a lot for some extra time. 


Hoit, would you possibly want to reach out to Lauren to see about potential leather options? If you feel it is too pre-mature that is totally cool

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Excellent. I am hoping we can all agree to a suitably rugged sole - I am not interested in leather or Dainite on these (if the majority feels differently, that's fine but I'd be out).

Edit: Both zug and grain work for me.
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I am definitely interested.


I already own this boot in burnished chestnut.


It comes standard with a commando sole and I would recommend keeping a commando sole.


It would be badass in dark brown golf grain or something similar.



LETS DO IT!!:slayer:

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