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My take is -1 US TTS .. especially in shell because of the lack of pull in construction..
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I did exactly that and ordered 8.5E UK as I am a 9.5D US on the brannock.. still ended up being big.. I think 8E would have been perfect on this last for me..
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What last is the Dundee?
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Originally Posted by mogili222 View Post




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I like. Very much.
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^ Oh hell yes.  I like too.  Nice work.

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Fantastic @hoit1981 how about some more direct light pictures!
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Those came out tremendously well. Now I wish I was on the order (of course)!



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Those look great @hoit1981



Lauren said she'll ship mine with the Warlow that's finishing up.  Excited and hope everything fits!



More pics please! 

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My group order for the whiskey cordovan belt made by the manufacturer that makes the belts for Crockett & Jones is closing on the 23rd . I will be forwarding all the email addresses of the people participating to the retailer that the order is going through. So anyone not knowing about this group order you are more than welcome to join . For the people who are already on board i have emailed everybody asking me to forward their email details .If you've already done so great . If you haven't would you kindly please do so.
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Originally Posted by KPDarb View Post

Fantastic @hoit1981 how about some more direct light pictures!

I'll try to take some more tomorrow. I'm very happy with how these came out, C&J rocked these something chronic.
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those look great. fingers crossed I sized right

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Originally Posted by hoit1981 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I like. Very much.

These came out amazingly well. I'm super excited to get mine along with the Warlow in a couple weeks. Thanks for staying vigilant and getting this gMTO off the ground Hoit!
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Got my Dundees yesterday. Here is a quick pic that I took this morning:



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