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If I had a digital camera you'd be looking at a Baume et Mercier Classima 42mm auto and an Archimede Pilot. Tag Monaco chronograph is on the way hopefully with a camera shortly thereafter.

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Here are several alarm watches
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On the Panerai topic, here's my Ti 116:

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My daily wearer - AP RO 15300
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Wow, 195 - I didn't realize you were that much of a Paneristi.
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Originally Posted by Thurston View Post
Wow, 195 - I didn't realize you were that much of a Paneristi.
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Not as well known as some of the others but I love my Stauer Monaco 18K & Rose Gold/croc band & Louis Bolle Advocate in rose/black/croc band.
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Wow, many beautiful watches! Congrats SoCal2NYC on the PanoReserve! Here's one of mine that comes with a story:

This JLC Reverso was a gift about 5 years ago. A true gentleman must politely decline an expensive gift when offered (as I understand it), and so it was declined, with thanks. The gift, however, was insisted upon, and of course a gentleman cannot disagree with his CEO when his CEO insists, so the watch was accepted with gratitude .

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Originally Posted by ortolan View Post
Congrats SoCal2NYC on the PanoReserve! Here's one of mine that comes with a story:

Mine has a whole cast and plot!


*Trying on a few others, talking about the price, the Glashutte history, have an espresso, etc*

Okay, here's my card do you want to start ringing me up?
*Comes back 1min later*
"Sir, would you like to split this or use another card it is declining it"
That's bullshit, I know for a fact there is more than enough in that account to handle this and I even made sure there would be no security red flags as I told them I'd be making a major purchase in the next few days. Let me call.

*Call up WaMu and go through 10 min of menus to get someone*
Hi, I'm trying to make a purchase right now and it declined it. What do you show my balance as?
Okay, so why was a purchase of X,XXX declined?
"You have a $3,000/point of sale purchase limit."
But, this isn't a credit card it is a debit/check card, the money is there how is there a limit?
"It doesn't matter if you have enough, you can't make purchases over $3,000."
Well, can you remove this block right now so I can make the purchase?
"Sorry Sir, I can't, they might be able to in the store."
So, you're telling me that I could have $40 million in my checking account and couldn't spend more than $3,000.
"That's correct."
That's bullshit.
*Hang up*

"Is everything alright sir?"
Yes, they won't let me make a purchase over $3,000 even though there is more than enough to cover the watch. I'm going to run to WaMu and get your cash.
*Chuckle from another associate who probably thought I wouldn't show my face in there again.*

*Book it over to 56th/6th WaMu and fill out withdrawl slip*
"How can I help you today?"
Hi, I need to withdraw this because you have a limit on my check card.
"You want this..in cash?"
Yup, unless you can remove that block.
"No, we can't do that...are you sure you don't want an official check?"
No thank you, I'll take it in cash....large bills please.
(If you don't know Washington Mutual, when you take out money they give you a pin # and you go to a dispenser and everything comes out of that)
"Let me check the balances of the dispenser, we might have to split it up into 2 withdrawls."
*Hands me the recepit with the PIN*
"Please use that dispenser."
*Enter the pin, wait about 30 secs, shove it in a big envelope, count it and have them put it in the counter*

*Cross 55th between 6th and 5th faster than I ever could imagine with a kungfoo grip on an envelope of cash*

*Doorman unlocks the front door*

*See my associate, raise my fist*
Here you go, all in cash.
*Bewilderment from the one who laughed*
"I wish all of my customers were as dedicated as you."

*Complete the transaction and go on my merry way*
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
I'll start

Panerai PAM210, modified with 18k gold plating on hands

wow that one looks sweet. And i thought the looked quite boring
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I sent my wife to the bank one day - a branch in an affluent suburb - to pick up cash for a large purchase. She asked the teller for $8000 in hundreds. She was told they don't have that much on hand and she should have called ahead. She then asked what they have the big room with the steel door for. The answer was that they did, in fact, have a little more than the requested amount on hand in hundreds but they have a policy of not alloting it all to one customer. The options were to take the money in a mix of smaller bills or call back later in the day and ask if the cash delivery had come in. I'm not making this up. Wouldn't a call like that send a teller running for the alarm?
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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post
I humbly submit my extremely modest contribution... please do not snicker.

Modest, shit...don't make me break out my victorinox!
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A 195??? We have a real PAM-head her! Congrats on a great piece. Don't want to offend you, but is your name on it? just curious...

(BTW, my first post on this forum....tried to get away from the watch forums, but look what I found here!)

Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
And a couple more Panerai - posing for the lens...


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