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+1 to let's see one


There is something about Sarpaneva's style that lingers in my brain. A certain outspokenness, bold, playful and mysterious without going over the top.

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what do those bad boys run?
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I believe they start at about $10k USD for his most basic. If I recall correctly, the moon phase shown here are quite a bit more.

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Thoughts on this GP for something thin/dressy?

It's only 38mm and rose gold, but I kinda like it.

Brilliant call on the blue seconds hand, IMO, though I'd probably rather not have the day-counter.

Has nice display back, speaking of display backs. (Pics courtesy of Bernard).

Whatcha think? Too boring? Too reminiscent of a Patrimony or Altiplano?

One argument that I could see, is that for this type of watch, it would be easy to find something vintage that would be pretty similar, for probably half the price. But I'd say most of those pieces would be more like 35-ish mm, and would not have sapphire, a modern movement, a warranty, etc.

The other thing is, Girard-Perreguax certainly has some horological chops and some legitimate history, but as a brand I don't feel there's a whole lotta love out there.

Just curious what y'all might feel on this one...totally "tyre-kicking" on my part, a la mimo.

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That is a beauty!  I've always had a soft spot for the Portofino and in RG but it quite different from that GP.  Was thinking there was discussion on GP's taking a big hit on the secondary market as well if that is a concern.  It seems TWATers tend to want some resale value unless it is a legacy piece to pass down or was given to them by a loved one to commemorate a specific occasion.

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gorgeous. id wear it with pride.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

gorgeous. id wear it with pride.

Spot on my maaaaannn :fistbump:



Keith, for the right price, I'd buy it and enjoy it.  It is a great modern size....I think for a dress watch 38 is about perfect.  I myself have looked at their 1966 line a few times.  I think the MSRP on a new GP is one of the main issues many people have with GP, as they just don't hold much resale value.  But if you are going to wear it and enjoy it, I'd choose it over many other brands.  


If one is dealing from MSRP...then I favor an  Altiplano over GP I think the finish on a Piaget is finer (although now I'd be talking about an manual wind Piaget vs. an automatic GP, as I find the automatic Altiplano gets too large and thin and looks like a pancake on a strap).  In addition, while GP has a good rep with many movements, I know some of their lesser watches have used very ordinary base movements from other companies.   


But again for the right $$$ I'd gladly pick up a GP. 

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Keith T, I like that. Sucker for RG, love the blue. Day-counter redundant really but I could seriously live with that. Thanks for sharing nod[1].gif
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I really like that Keith. It is a lovely watch. My problem with GP is that for the price they are asking, you are getting close to Patek, AL&S, and Vacheron territory. At the right price, I think it would be great. But often there are other watches that I would consider in the same price range that they are in.

Also, as Dino mentioned, there finishing is not quite up to snuff with some of the "higher-ups," and they often source their movements from third parties--not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

By the way, I am in your neck of the woods for the rest of the week Keith.
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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

and they often source their movements from third parties--not that that is necessarily a bad thing.


Outsourced movements are not necessarily a bad thing, particularly IMHO if they are from Lemania, JLC, Piaget, F.Piguet etc, and of course it depends on what the company making the watch does with it.  GP at least in the past has used ETA as a base in some of their more entry level priced watces...so for me those pieces wouldn't be of interest.  However, I believe the piece Keith is considering is made in house by GP.  


As with anything it really depends on the price of this piece.  For the right price it could be a great watch to own.  

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That GP is money honey. I think the case:lugs are perfect. Never handled one, but doubt I will be disappointed when I do..
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MY GOD what a shameless bunch of enablers we've got here.

I just kinda threw that out there before lunch...been trying to distract myself from getting a stupid quartz Tank anyway....

And of course, immediately, there's the expected TWAT reaction: "Awesome! Buy it!"

LOL. What would I do without this thread?!

You guys make some very good points. Yes, it is a GP 3300 "manufacture" movement. The price (IMO) would be more than fair for this kind of piece (it is from a gray dealer, but quite a reputable one).

Unfortunately, more to rnguy's point, I haven't even handled this one myself either.

It's all about how she sits and feels on the wrist after all. I would definitely need that 'smile back' reaction before pulling the trigger. To date, I've just ogled some pics.

Looks to me like this one would be fairly 'large' 38...it's more dial than bezel...and I'm definitely in need lust of something on the classier side these days. They also offer a 1966 reference at the larger 41mm.

Of course I'd also want to see how rosy it looks in real life too.

But thanks for the quick feedback. It really does look like a pretty sweet watch, and it will receive full consideration as a potential purchase.

Newcomer, I'm sending you a PM.
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Originally Posted by Keith T View Post

MY GOD what a shameless bunch of enablers we've got here.

LOL seriously. If I didn't read this thread I doubt I would have made any recent watch purchases. These guys really have a way of bolstering your enthusiasm, if you know what I mean.
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To comment on the discussion a few pages back, I have no issues with not being able to see the movement of my Speedy 3570. I love that it's exactly the same as the model that went to the moon, and quite frankly there is nothing like the Hesalite for that cool/unusual effect when viewed from the side/angle. The sapphire has a (to me) strange white/frosty look where the sapphire meets the metal on the sides. It was a turn off when viewed side-by-side with the Hesalite version.

On that note, if someone has a lead on the factory black leather gator strap and clasp for the Speedmaster at a discounted price (I think it's like $400 new... uhoh.gif) please let me know.
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My friend at work just traded an AP Royal Oak Chrono (white face) and a small amount of cash for a Patek Aquanaut 5164. He said he wanted a completely in-house movement. I think this is a disaster move. His other watch is a Patek 5205 so at least he chose wisely there. Will try and get some pictures of the 5164.
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