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Nice looking Cellini. What's the case size stichy, 35-ish?
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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Thanks Wraith too

Your Rolex, Cleav, is it 34mm or 36mm?
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That's a nice Cellini, not seen that one before. Something v dressy about em without em shouting at you.

I've always had a soft spot for a Cellini. Tried on a Cestello before Christmas but it couldn't get me over the line. I really like the look of a Prince but can't get to try one. That said the Reverso is in front for me.
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Small is good, Stitchy. My Tudor is only 32mm (what I once thought was too small), but I think it looks great! Mind you, my wrists aren't very thick, so maybe that has something to do with it wink.gif
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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post

Your Rolex, Cleav, is it 34mm or 36mm?

I believe it to be 36mm my friend smile.gif
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Thanks smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Keith T View Post

Nice looking Cellini. What's the case size stichy, 35-ish?

I did not actually measure it, but as far as what I've seen online supposedly it is about 32 MM.

It definitely wears nice, and I would not say no to it, it just feels a little small to me. Then again, I have not really owned a proper dress watch like that for very long time.

To sum it up, I would gladly wear it. It is a beautiful watch.
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Hmmm....for me personally, that's below the Mendoza line.

It does look pretty sharp though.

Dial appears to be a slate gray vs. the more widely-seen silver tone.
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The slate gray is excellent. I will try and measure it tomorrow and report back with the actual mm measurements.
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I had a slate grey / rose gold Cellini and really liked it. I didn't find it too small. It's a dress watch, after all.
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There's definitely a ton of options out there for the guys willing or able to wear something in that size range. (Don't think I could rock a 32).

But talk about some 'vintage treasures' being available....the world's your oyster.
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^ You know, it's funny. When you say 32mm, you automatically think too small. When I look at my Tudor on my wrist, sometimes I think it does look small (not bad, mind you, I just wasn't used to wearing a 32mm watch). But then when I take a photo of it on the wrist, it never looks too small. Funny.
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Well, it's really an issue up and down the case size spectrum, right? Some pieces, you hear people say, "It wears large".

Or conversely you hear " Yeah, it's 44mm but it actually wears smaller than that."

And that can certainly be true (either way) for lots of different reasons....dial color, bezel size, the thickness of the watch, case shape, or even the strap it's worn on....chunky strap vs. thin.

Obviously physical differences in a guy's build, wrist size, not to mention how the watch is worn (casually, sleeveless vs. under a dress shirt)-- all important factors too.

Aside from that, I guess it comes down to personal taste, and maybe most importantly, just what you are used to.

Back in the day I thought Panerais were ridiculously oversized, but I eventually warmed up to the idea. Checked out the brand, the history. Tried a few on, and eventually fell in lust with the Radiomir. It doesn't seem so big to me any more. (Note: it's still a big damn watch.)

Yet I wear a Curvex to work a few times a month as well...but I have to say it's probably the smallest I could go, and obviously it's curved and rectangular. (The strap is 18mm wide). So I'm also Team Small Watch LOL.

S'all good.
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^ All good.
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Pretty sure mine was `~35mm.  Def, not 32.



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