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Congrats on two great pieces. I love the see through effect on that Hour Vision!
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Congrats on your new additions! They look great.  Post some wrist shots when you have time.

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^ Love the simple elegance of the second watch.

Now for something far less elegant: my original Swatch Jellyfish that I got when I was young:

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No match for me. ; )

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Thanks for the comments, gents.  Dino - I'll see what I can do about some wrist shots.

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Ugh. Eyewash time.

I have a jellyfish gathering dust somewhere. Back in the 90s I gave it to a dotty old neighbor for half a box of aged cigars. Some years later he passed and I was given the watch back. It had turned an amber color...
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Thanks for that H - eyes duly refreshed, and cool strap btw.


Laurens, that is NOT a good thing.  I'm pretty sure Morten Harket stopped that at least twenty years ago.  The 80s are gone.  And 80s retro is on the way too, thankfully...

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this is cool...

anyone know what model it is?
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

this is cool...

anyone know what model it is?


Yes - it's the 2009 reissuance of VC's Historique American 1921, also known as the "driver's watch."  Put it on your wrist while you're driving and you don't need to cock your head at an angle to read the dial. smile.gif


I saw this piece being sold at Wempe a few months ago in the mid-$30s (retail).  It doesn't look like it lasted very long, it was gone within a couple of weeks.

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its a beauty.
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Love this VC
Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

this is cool...

anyone know what model it is?
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Originally Posted by rnguy001 View Post

Love this VC
Same here — for me, it's one of their most appealing and distinctive watches.

Another Vacheron Constantin favourite is the Mercator, which was made with a variety of dials with detailed handmade maps in enamel.

(auction photo from watchreporting.com)

tiempo de lujo

I'm not sure whether it would suit my style, but it's a unique watch that I'd love to see in person.
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The VC American is super cool! I stopped by my AD wednesday, tried on some dressier watches. The 40mm VC Patrimony was just too large and flat for me, but (as expected) the JLC MUT Moon 39 was right on the money! Sigh, I now have a new desire ... Considering the prices of VC in white gold vs JLC i steel, the outcome of the visit could have been worse though biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by apropos View Post

^ Have you handled these watches in real life? Do you know what they look like on your wrist?

Take a step back, you don't have to get a watch right now.

You're making just about every single mistake a beginner can make - settling, buying online, rushing into a purchase, buying in/from a country that is not exactly known for giving good prices with watches, basing your decision on reading spec lists (mineral glass vs non mineral glass??), etc.
Just thought this was worth repeating, as it succinctly covers a very frequent topic.

The decision-on-spec-list thing seems to be particularly common. It's not like you're buying some meaningless piece of disposable consumer electronics (well, at least not in most cases); much of the enjoyment of a watch comes from the intangibles. I'm keen on photography, and this type of thing seems to come up frequently on the very few times I'm on a camera forum (I stay the hell away from them except to find older lenses). Mind you, cameras essentially are disposable consumer electronics now, but it's still the intangibles that separate a great one from an impressive-on-paper dud.

Ergonomics, reliability, availability of parts, and feel of operation are hugely important, but there's no meaningful way express these factors on a spec list. Add a bunch of opinionated gear nerds ("equipment measurebators", as Ken Rockwell has so aptly put it), who spend far more time defending their pet camera system online than actually taking photos — therefore dominating the search results — and you can't blame people who are new to the hobby for focusing on the wrong areas.

There was a great piece of satire that sums up this state of affairs recently:


Anyway, don't buy watches on based on their paper specifications is what I'm saying.

Both my favourite camera and my favourite watch both have terrible specs, by the way:

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