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heres a bunch on amazon...

heres a few that stood out

VC Patrimony

PP Calatrava
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

I'm around... just a bit more passive. As IS said, pretty busy with work

dat dome. drool.gif

good to see you!
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+1 ... nice vintage sub.
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great looking sub.

re: RW, im usually not a fran, but that brown one is pretty.
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This is my watch, a Longines Hydroconquest, its not much compared to some of your watches but its pretty special for an 18 year old. Also I think its got a pretty good balance between subtleness and shinyness (if you get me), its not in your face but people do notice it, which is appropriate for my age. Also I think its got quite a manly feel and look to it which I like :)



Also was shopping the other day and tried on this beauty, the bracelet compliments the chunky face surprisingly well, I think it looks quite unique because of this :P


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Vintage sub is awesome.

Speedy Pro in action:

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Originally Posted by Dino944 View Post

Someone kidnapped Frills!  You must be an imposter. The real Frills would have given in to the "Dark side" and closed the deal.  wink.gif


I think its an interesting watch with its retrograde function, but its not without compromises.   My favorite part of the 5059 is the officers case. 


Bawhawhawhaw, this really made me laugh. What's this? I'm actually developing a sense of temperance or patience? Sacre bleu! Yeah, the issue I have with the 5059 is that while it has its lovely aspects, there are also SOME trade-offs (the "15" and "17" cut off, the enamel-like dial with Roman numerals being cool but conceivably looking flat versus the more "decorated" / "sculpted" batons you can find in the 3940 (cheaper than the 5059) or the mega-expensive perpetual calendar chronos). At these price points, you SHOULDN'T have to think about trade-offs, IMHO!
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Originally Posted by Belligero View Post

Not so amazing, as you already have a few of their perpetual calendar models — and better ones, in my opinion. The mix of Roman, Arabic, serif and sans-serif is a bit much for me. Retrograde date is cool, though.

A 5110P, now that would be tougher to resist (and less redundant, besides) if you're putting yourself in temptation's way by stopping by the dealer.


Thought you'd latch on to that "eclectic" use of fonts! The world time line has not yet captured my fancy (my wallet whispers thanks), but the 5110P is certainly a lovely piece. You are right: if I want to avoid temptation I really shouldn't put myself in its way! Visited "my dealer" (like that, mimo?) to add a link to my wife's watch/bracelet and of course he brought out some goodies...
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Moo is doing it right. It's a well-known fact that the Speedy is incredibly accurate for timing NASA rocket burns as well as hayrides.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

+1. i tried it on once, the officers case is very neat.


It certainly has an appealing heft to it. It's close to 13mm in terms of height, so it has greater presence on the wrist than, say, a 3940 or even a Nautilus with its larger case size.
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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

you know, i dont think this PP holds a candle to the others ive seen.


Which PP perpetual calendar sings to you better, DerekS?
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We talked a bit before about the Nomos Weltzeit. Would be a fantastic watch for someone that switch time zones a lot - though I'd much prefer it with blue hands!

Blue hands:


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i too like the blued hands better of the two.
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Now too bad that is just something I photoshopped, and not something offered...
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Originally Posted by no frills View Post

Which PP perpetual calendar sings to you better, DerekS?

yours. haha
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