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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

depends on how custom you want. id say if its fairly basic with an available hide, 2 weeks-ish?
quite true. I hosted a couple meet ups here in nashville and was put to shame by a couple guys. unreal. I wouldve easily had more if i wasnt actively buying watches at the same time.

Socko's collection he would bring to the FL Panaristi GTGs were unreal.
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I guess I would have some issues if I were to buy a Panerai... I like my straps/shoes/pretty much everything to look well worn/used/etc. and I get attached to certain items more than others. With multiple strap options, I'm not sure I would be able to keep switching because of these two reasons...
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IWC/Panerai OEM straps were great when they were around $200 RRP, and still great when they used to run around $100 on tourneau sample sale on nyc (I remember a BP gator lying around for about $300). Sadly, with those sample sales over and prices higher, it's much better to get CF and the likes indeed. If one's surprised about what IWC charges for CF straps, he should see what Lange charges for the same pair...

and thank you for the remarks on that aqua terra shot gentlemen. Definitely one of the best watches I've owned and an amazing deal at its price.
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That is a great looking watch. The fact that GP makes it is even more awesome.

Originally Posted by Belligero View Post

Ain't nothing wrong with Girard Perregaux. I'd be all over their Vintage 1960 Chrono:

photo from TZ-UK

That watch is no joke; I can't think of any other chrono I'd rather have for the price.
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I've had several straps done up by ABP - all croc in special tannings - and they've held up incredibly well. I won't comment on price/value relative to CF or other makes as I don't have first-hand experience, but at least in my experience with ABP, customer service was top-notch, they've done rush orders without surcharge, and do provide a "forum" discount. There is an incredible variety of skins to choose from, and virtually any detail from lining material, type of stitching, thickness and shape is customizable.

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really hard to see the straps with those fantastic langes drawing the eye away. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

not a huge fran fave, but i think its neat. getting this ready for sale. click for bigger.

GP is definitely an under appreciated brand, which may be the result of some hit or miss products and their pricing.  I like them and tried a few on at their Boutique in NYC last summer.  I think in their quest to join others in the "LARGE WATCH MARKET" they bulked up several models unsuccessfully.  The Laureato was originally a sophisticated sport watch marketed toward those interested in an AP RO, PP Nautilus, or VC 222.  However, in the last 10 years or so morphed into some bizarre caricature of itself.   The Vintage 1945 is a cool design, and I love square and rectangular cases.  However, they have also become too bulky and even with a curved case back I just didn't find it sat well on my wrist and it looked better in photos than it did in person or on me.  I found it disappointing and less sophisticated in design and feel than a Reverso.  Then there are the Sea Hawks...which were once a sort of traditional, but maybe sterile version of diving watches.  Now I find them lumpy looking with crown protecting shoulders built into a lug.  It now has the unfortunate distinction of looking like a hunchback watch case.


On the positive side, the chrono posted by Belligero is really a handsome design.  Its refreshing to see a different case shape for a chronograph.  The last cushion shaped chronograph I liked was the Medicus by VC, however it was too pricey for chronograph that used cams rather than a column wheel.   


In addition, I love the GP 1966 line up.  A clean, elegant dress watch is maybe what the do best and what they should focus on.  I had an opportunity to try on both the full calendar and their Annual Calendar Equation of Time.  The asymmetric dial made it sort of whimsical and fun...at least until you saw the price.  That was one area that these fell short.  Maybe they are competitive with other high end brands, and maybe they are a bargain compared to what a watch with similar complications would cost from other brands. However, once I hit a certain price range I couldn't help but feel like I'd probably go with a different brand.     

Originally Posted by Belligero View Post

Ain't nothing wrong with Girard Perregaux. I'd be all over their Vintage 1960 Chrono:

photo from TZ-UK

That watch is no joke; I can't think of any other chrono I'd rather have for the price.

That's really stunning.  I love the cushion shaped case of that model.  It really helps it to stand out from the dozens of chronos on the market.  I hope to see one maybe the next time I visit the Boutique in NYC (there are no GP dealers near me anymore). 

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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post


same shit he does everywhere else. It makes any good point he raises null and void to me.

didn't Foo get that watch for coming in second place in Esquire's best dressed contest?
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Originally Posted by mimo View Post


If there's anyone around here who'd fly to Basel to buy something insane, I think we both know who's in the frame around here, eh Frilly?  The guy who doesn't know the meaning of "endgame", eh, Frilly?  Know who I mean?  Hmm? stirpot.gif


I have no idea who you're talking about, mimo....... mwink[1].gif


Come on, you've got to give me some credit.  It's been almost 30 days and I haven't "extended the endgame"....! biggrin.gif


Unseasonably cold in NYC today so I wore a topcoat.  But I forgot my scarf, so when I came across a coyote I killed it with my bare hands and wrapped its fur around my neck.


3970 getting LOTS of wrist time, though I banged it against a door frame earlier this afternoon and I believe gave it its first ding, right on its lovely concave bezel.  Whoops.



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dino - i pretty much agree with your sentiment of GP. also, i have always had a fondness for the jackpot toubillon. i know its OTT, but i think it is amazing and quite beautiful, and what went into the functioning slot machine on top of the tourb is actually quite amazing.

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Very enjoyable thread that is forever improving. Sorry to pester the discussion with my baubles. Enjoying the holidays, and finding proof, that what chicks dig, are Pateks!

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Worked on this Vintage IWC from '46 last week. Gorgeous movement in a 14k case..

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Originally Posted by Flake View Post

Socko's collection he would bring to the FL Panaristi GTGs were unreal.

That guy is fucking awesome. He came for 2 of the nashville GTGs.
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The gripe i have with GP is minimal, but enough to keep me from buying one new....they dont hold their value bery well at all...which makes them much more attractive grey market. Also, of the few people i know with first hand experience, theyve all had quality problems...nothing major, but enough to turn them sour on GP. One guy had a loose screw on the bracelet...went back to them 3 times. Never could fix it, so he finally just said fuck it and superglued it in. Another had the hands fall off and took 4 months to get back. Theyre nice watches for sure, and i know that a few bad apples shouldnt spoil the brand, but id never buy one unless it was heavily discounted.
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Am having a facepalm.gif moment with one of the forum affiliates now re: an order for a watch strap. This well known affiliate recently started selling watches and watch straps as well. He's a good guy, but I suspect he's in over his head with watches.

I ask if a custom watch strap order is OK. No problem he says, tell us what you want done.

So I do - I would like an unlined strap in XYZ length, and you can leave out the buckle, as I have a signed buckle already so no need for your buckle.

The strap arrived yesterday, and guess what - not only is there no buckle, there is no stitching at the buckle end, no cutout for the tang, nothing done at all. The buckle end of the strap has been left completely unfinished. The maker has helpfully creased it to show where I should start sewing though.

So I contact the seller - and his reply?
Originally Posted by forum affiliate 
What additional finishing do you require? The leather needs to be stitched around the buckle, so without your buckle obviously we can't stitch it down.

I'm having a...


...moment right now. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. facepalm.giffacepalm.giffacepalm.gif
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