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IWC 5001-07

IWC 5004

IWC 3799-01 New strap + deployant

Rolex 116600 DSSD

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Also have, but these either up for sale and a few just sold...
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Originally Posted by ap10046 View Post


fantastic collection! worship2.gif
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Thank you...
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117 View Post

I tried on the new DSSD today; the words on the ring aren't as annoying as you'd think they'd be. Also checked out the IWC store, love the 6
7 day Portuguese auto!
Love my DSSD..I just feel my hands automatically gravitate to it before any other..truly a brilliant watch!!
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That is really weird but I still love this vintage smile.gif


I really like this. Can you please tell me the model number of it?


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no reason not to!!
funny story, a dude tried selling us that watch last week. we turned him down. it was fake. to date, best fake i have ever seen. model and serial number behind the band between lugs, and inside the bezel, he had opened it up and it had the red wheels on the movement, and engraved rolex verbage....very legit looking. but fake nonetheless. we got a warning call a few hours later from another place that bought it, and got stuck holding the bag for 2K.


The replicas these days are getting pretty amazing. Years ago serial and model numbers were a good indicator of a replica. These days some sellers of high end replicas allow people to pick the serial #s they would like on the watch. Engravings have gotten better and factories tear apart cases to make a 1:1 replication. AR coatings and lume application can be done for the right price to match the genuine.


Some people create a franken replica using genuine movements and dials. You just have to know the right person... I've seen replicas that are 99% close to the genuine and have fooled many Authorized Dealers. The funny thing is 95% of the people I know who make replicas very close to genuine are doing it to learn more about the watch and frown upon people who try to pass off replicas as the real deal. They are the ones who can spot a fake from a few pictures and quickly warn others. Most of them are the ones who report auctions to eBay... because they can tell the differences and modifications better than anyone else.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

rolex is pretty hush hush. patek for example, will send you archived replacement papers for a watch, if you give them certain info, case, ref and movement #s, and even that takes time. rolex doesnt share jack afaik. except maybe turning down a watch for repair after being sent in. but that doesnt help for snap decisions.
there are lists people have made telling you what serial #s are from what years. so if you were a super expert you might see a serial # on a good fake, and know that some specific specs, like bracelet links, or numeral specs... dont match the year the watch purports to be made..... but for the most part, you just need a lot of hands on experience, and need to be able to tell by feel that.

Rolex keeps a list of all stolen Rolex that have been reported to them. They also confiscate watches that come in for service reported stolen. I have heard of people bringing watches to Rolex service centers to verify authenticity before buying.

As for Archive papers at least the ones I've seen were NOT original replacement papers. They were docs that state a particular watch is authentic.

I wouldn't rely on those lists of serial numbers to determine authenticity. I've seen errors in them, and even a former Rolex service center employee and he told me not to rely on lists. He said sometimes cases are made & stamped with a serial, them stored on shelves and they are completed out of sequence

The key thing is familiarity with the brand models and buying from reputable sources.
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Hi Hayward,

I don't think I'm unfair to Sinn. I hold them to the same standard I hold all watch
companys to. As we all know there can be varying degrees of finish& quality of ETA movements. Sinn makes handsome watches, but they are largely recased movements. Watches with recased movements have kept me from buying several other watches. ETA makes a solid product but I prefer watches with in house movement or movement from finer makers (F Piguet,JLC etc).

Tudor has recently produced some great looking watches... I wish Rolex would borrow some design features from them on their own watches!
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Can some of you share trusted grey market dealers? Or point me to some specialized forum where I can find them.
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1) Timezone.net
2) Watchuseek
3) Network 24
4) Watchnet
5) Chrono 24
6) eBay
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Originally Posted by ap10046 View Post


Great looking collection.

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