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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 66  

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My somewhat eclectic collection to add to the mix:

L to R.

Sinn Arktis, 1982 Seiko TV Watch, Seiko Alpinist, Grand Seiko, 1958 Hamilton Ventura, Jeager Le Coultre Reverso Duo, 1916 Omega Officers Watch, 1974 Omega Marine Chronometre, 1976 Omega Speedmaster, Omega f300, Citizen Campanola Perpetual Calendar.

Please pardon my poor photography skills, unlike with Maplethorpe, in my case the dick is on this side of the lens.

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Originally Posted by dokelroth View Post
Rose gold sun and moon reverso.

So, any pics? The sun and moon is a beautiful thing. Plus, since you kindly slammed my choice, I feel the least you can do is let us see yours.
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As far as I know, the only 100% inhouse watch brand is Seiko (maybe, maybe Citizen). Rolex, JLC, PP, VC, AP and the other usual suspects are close, but there is always something like screws, oil, crystals or springs that make them, yes, inhouse but not 100.00%.

Does it matter? Nopes, ETA manufacturing excellent base calibers for the companies to either use out of the box or with great care and workmanship turning into small masterpieces by modifying them (IWC, Sinn, Omega...) is in my humble opinion an excellent way to source movements. In-house or not is never a deal breaker for me.

Originally Posted by Beckwith View Post
Out of curiosity what is your combo?

Mine? 70s track bicycle for transportation and a load of watches...

Originally Posted by Dmax View Post
You must have a different definition of tool. Are you thinking of "tool-like" watches? Both of these watches, especially Sinn, don't have enough brand recognition to appeal to a (well-off) AmJack, fool-with-money, etc.

Could be a misunderstanding. As you have probably noticed English isn't my mother tounge (in fact it was the fourth language I learned...), so I might miss some idioms and meanings of words.

I mean a classic tool watch - purpose-built for professional use. A Sinn with a croc strap would be a Range Rover...

/M, with only one ETA movement in the collection (but soon a 2824 too) - the quartz in my SeMP...
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i just bought a jaeger lecoultre sun and moon to commemorate a professional milestone. hopefully, i've attached the pic correctly. and, frankly, i don't give a flying #$% what someone else thinks. i think it's a beautiful watch that will bring good memories and joy for years to come.
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Here is mine (repost)

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stunning. i fell in love as soon as i saw it. i received a reverso as a wedding gift and have been wanting to add to my collection for some time now. i live overseas though, and the way the friggin' mail thing works i probably won't see it till the middle of next year. still, it's worth the wait.
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I thought this site might be of interest to a few...lots of Watch POrn for your viewing pleasure.
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Beautiful JLC.
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i know this is a watch porn thread for actually owned watches,

but i have been appreciating the candid responses to my inquiries on Ball and Bell/Ross.

one last one, anyone have any opinions or info on this brand and make:

Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonauts

It looks good , but just want a few comments.
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Compliments on your diverse collection, jmcconn. I especially admire how you've picked watches with interesting cases, like the Hamilton and some of the Omegas. I think the criterion for my next watch is that it has to have a distinctive case design; it can't be another round or even square/rectangle.

Congratulations, Digby. Beautiful watch. For you reverso owners, have you engraved the back of yours? I've been considering adding my initials to my GT and went so far as talking to the fellow who runs this shop. He sounded quirky but he came highly recommended by at least two jewelers.
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thanks, bcate3. i'm really looking forward to it.

i have a reverso that's engraved on the back. it's a family heirloom so the initials aren't mine, but it is pretty sweet looking. it was done in italy (where the reverso was purchased. )

won't be engraving the sun/moon. as you can see from the pics above, the see-through back is part of the richness of the watch.
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A new Glashutte Original limited edition done with Rimowa.
The Senator Navigator (w/ display back!)

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That Glashutte is great! If only I could afford their watches.
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That Rimowa would make a nice carry-one case for the air.
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GO/Rimowa images courtesy of Michael and Jorge at
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