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Congratulations Stitchy!
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Aleksandr, I find the best thing is to lean your left elbow on a desk or something to steady your left hand, and then snap a few pics in succession with the right, and usually one will be good and in proper focus.


Thanks for the love, everyone!

Sorry for the abrupt disappearance, but some work at work apparently needed my attention. Crazy amirite?

To begin wrapping up the story, as I had posted about it a fair amount here, and went back and forth between models, and I received a ton of great advise from you all, here is how my purchase came together, and my thoughts on the watch in the flesh. for those interested in reading.

This is part one of two. The story of the decision. Part two, my thoughts on the watch in the flesh, I will type out most likely next week.

For better or worse, I made the purchase without ever seeing a single RO model in person in my life, including paying for this one before seeing it in person. I felt confident enough in what I wanted, and I was fine to make the decision based off of information you guys provided, articles I read, and pictures.

After a lot of thought I landed on the 15300. It was more a process of elimination thing than anything else.


A great watch, absolutely fantastic. However;

1. I did not really want to pay the premium. As I am not that much of a purist, it wasn't a factor to me that the watch be as close as possible to the original release.

2. Did not want such a slim watch, I wanted some heft.

3. Really hard call with the movement, both are top level landmark movements, but in the end, the 3120 appealed more to me. I like the rotor more, I like that AP made it. I like how it looks. I like how many jewels it has. It just spoke to me.

4. Kind of silly perhaps, but the real deal breaker for me was that it had to be a white/silver dial. Anything other than that was essentially a non starter.


Another supremely awesome watch. However;

1. As far as I can tell, the dial is a little more silvery than it is white, and I really wanted one as close to white/cream as possible. I could be wrong here though, as I never saw one in person, but I think I am on point. As well, because I'm a lil bit of a big ole brand ho, I did not love the smaller AP plaque, and lastly, I was not thrilled with the half bar at 3 o'clock.

2. The size. My Panerai was 44mm and I was quite comfortable in it, but I still felt that given how similar the 300 and 400 are, going with 39mm would be a safer bet, and I felt that considering that the watch wears large due to the integrated bracelet and the "box" around the bezel leading to the bracelet, that the 39mm would look better given my wrist size.

3. Clasp. Since the very first time I saw an AP folding clasp I was in love. The 15400 clasp is stunning, and probably more comfortable, but it was not the AP folding clasp I yearned for.

15300. Money.

1. Perfect size for me.

2. Movement I prefer.

3. White/cream dial with large AP plaque.

4. Slim but still plenty hefty.

5. Dream clasp with not one, but two, mini sized folding AP pieces.

6. Most importantly, it was an AP RO, the watch I have wanted for a long long ..... long time.

7. Added bonus, the pre-loved 300 was available at a slightly lower price than a pre-loved 400.

Dont get me wrong. It is literally impossible to go wrong with any one of these three models, and all the above were nothing more than matters of personal preference. I truly could not find a single knock on any of the three options, but for my purposes, the 15300 was the right fit.

So. I contacted a guy I know in the watch business to put out a call for me. Lol in about 5 minutes he emailed me a listing that another dealer he knew had up as a classified. Excellent condition, full set of links, both boxes, both books, dealer stamped papers (not that this matters much now, as its out of warranty, but its nice to know the provenance), original hang tag, and the AP quality control slip. He made the contact, got me dealer to dealer pricing, and told me to get in touch with the seller.

I emailed the guy called to set up a time to talk, and he could not have been nicer. We talked for a while, I asked him a half dozen questions or so and then we talked shop for a bit. I told him I needed a week or so to get the money ready, and he said no problem he would hold it for me. Which was extremely generous considering that I was getting dealer pricing, and that during that week he had some interested retail buyers. Guy is an all-star mentch.

Then came the hardest part. I had to sell my JLC. It hurt like a witch, but it had to be done. Sold the JLC, waited for some other year end money, got a cashiers check and deposited it in his bank account for him. Watch arrived from CA to my hand a mere 19 hours later. Rock on FedEx.

As an aside, I will say that I am pretty disappointed with Govberg/Radcliffe. I went in in person, I made phone calls and I made emails. Dealt with a guy I know here, and another lady in PA. While they were both nice, I got the distinct feeling that they did not take me seriously. Emails were not returned promptly, sometimes more than a week, and I had to re-contact to get a reply, which was usually, go check our pre-owned selection on our site. And the lady in PA never got back to me at all after we emailed and spoke, and she assured me she would get back to me. On top of that, their trade in offer for my JLC was almost a full grand less than what I got from another dealer.

I dont know, maybe they dont care for pre-owned business, though they have a 7 figure plus pre-owned inventory, maybe they thought I was just a shmoe wasting their time. Who knows, but they blew it. Hard.

I hate to end things on a sour note after all the original positivity, so let me share this except I found while I was devouring as much AP RO info as I could find.

On the eve of the 1971 Basel fair (one year before the launch) Audemars Piguet's managing director at the time, Georges Golay, called Gerald Genta at 4pm explaining that the Italian market was expecting an “unprecedented steel watch" for which he needed a design by the following morning. A sports watch for all occasions with the most beautiful finishes ever seen.

By the morning after Gerald Genta had invented the watch that was to become Royal Oak. He will later state that the Royal Oak was the masterpiece of his career.
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Huge congrats stitch. Looks amazing
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Mine all mine.

Awesome 15300 - Congrats man!
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^Not usually a fan of black w/ brown but it works on that iwc

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Stichyyyyyy icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Els Supremo indeed, awsm nod[1].gif
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Stitchy!  Phaaaaak!  That's awesome, congratulations dude :)

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So much love!! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by aleksandr View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
What's up
P.S. It is incredibly difficult to take a good picture of your left wrist using a phone camera held in your right hand.
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Congrats, Stitchy!!!
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really nice, stitch
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Stitchy Mazel Tov!  cheers.gif How about some deets?  For some reason I though you were leaning toward the 15400, but maybe I am not remembering correctly.  IMHO in the 39mm size the proportions just look better.  I can't wait to hear more about it. For me the RO is one of those watches that with time you really your appreciation of the workmanship, quality, and finish increase the longer you own it.  Congrats again Bro! Very nice choice fistbump.gif  
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Awesome and congrats. I think you made the right call between the two you were considering. Great way to start 2015.
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Congrats Stitchy! Holy heck, that is absolutely great! I can't wait to hear more of your impressions.
I have been very absent from this thread. I will be trying to remedy that this year. After a brief hiatus from my watch hobby, I think I am about ready to come back smile.gif.
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Congrats from another AP owner! The 15300 is an excellent choice smile.gif.
Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!  j/k Congrats Stitchy!
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Congratulations Stitchy!
Originally Posted by rnguy001 View Post

Huge congrats stitch. Looks amazing
Originally Posted by CMT1 View Post

Awesome 15300 - Congrats man!
Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Stichyyyyyy icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Els Supremo indeed, awsm nod[1].gif
Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Stitchy!  Phaaaaak!  That's awesome, congratulations dude smile.gif

Thanks for all the kind words, broes! I really really love this new addition. Will share some thoughts once it has gotten some more wear. And of course, will get some nice pics as well.
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You know you've made a great kop when it manages to bring Newcomer back out of the woodwork LOL.

Happy for you, stitch!

And especially after reading all about your decision-making process, which I quite enjoyed-- I think in watch terms, you've got the very definition of a keeper. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Hell, maybe 2015 won't be so bad after all.
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@in stitches, I completely follow you in your thoughts on your AP. I prefer the 15300 above the 15400 as well, I have a 7" wrist and although the 41mm fits me fine I also opted for a 39mm last year (I got the panda 26300). One of the reasons is that 39mm also goes back to the original case size of the 15202. I don't know why but I felt it was a reason to go 39mm.


Other than that I also feel the dial is way more balanced vs the 15400. Date position, batons and the caseback.


You did well on that one.


The 15300 is on my list, last year I was in doubt between the 26300 panda and the 15300 rose gold with black gator strap. As the panda was more versatile and since I'm still quite young I went with that one. I love it.


Super comfortable, ain't it? Fits every occasion, going from the golf court to the beach or a black tie party. Wear it well.

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Someone say golf course? Dayam facepalm.gif
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Originally Posted by tigerpac View Post

^Not usually a fan of black w/ brown but it works on that iwc

I love black with brown, but I've never tried a pilot / rivet-style strap on my Mark XVI.

Right now, I've got it on black buffalo, and I think I'm going to stick with that for a good long while.

Had it on black croc for several years, and really liked it, but the matte look of the buffalo dresses it down some, so I've been wearing it a little more with casual stuff.
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Very nice, stitch. Wear it in good health, nephew.
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Wear it in good health Stitchy :)

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