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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 2265  

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

CMT, everything about that post is awesome.

Thanks stitches, appreciate it. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

I've got to say, and maybe I will catch some flak for this, but Bovet did not impress me in the least. I thought they were egregiously overpriced, hefty, gaudy, hideous things. Not a fan.



Agree 100%

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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

Thank goodness frilly smile.gif.

Glad to know that you will not be tarnishing your impeccable collection!

Also, for some absolutely awesome reading...



LOL'd. Awesome reading is an understatement. I just love how watches be gettin' dudes so fired up.

My favorite comment so far:

"I'm biding my time and await the JC Limited Edition with a splinter from the
original cross. Their whole aviation theme and claimed whoritage(sp?) is a
marketing gimmick to impress the gullible. Do the homework and don't be
taken in by every pretty (watch)face!"

EDIT: Also, CMT: congrats, and I really liked your Reverso Duo pics....I much prefer that model to JLC's current offering.
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Gawd. It's frothery like that that makes me want to sell all my watches and just wear my SBCM023 forever.
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Deleted, not sure what is going on with the Bremont thing.
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Originally Posted by Belligero View Post

Skål, Anders! cheers.gif


Although I lack enough of a self-preservation instinct to get much use out of a Patek Philippe myself, I’d be keen on the 5070 if for some reason I was seriously considering getting one of their chronographs. What are your thoughts on that model, or Lange's newer Datograph?

And to you too smile.gif Enjoying your summer? Well, you definitely have some thoughts on the matter lol8[1].gif Thank you for the elaborate and educational answer. My approach is usually more intuitive, and I appreciate being given a more ... intellectual ... perspective.

The 5070 is an amazing chrono. Proven and classic chrono movement, and probably with a whole lot of wrist presence. Never tried it on myself. At 42mm, it's rather un-Pateky though? Maybe that is more than half of its appeal.

Tha Datograph is a watch I would want to wear inside out. What a movement. But the dial just does not do it for me. I prefer the more austere dresschrono look of the Pateks, never mind the typefaces or minor visual fuckups. Also, it's not a Patek. What can I say, I am a brand whore when it comes to watches. At that price level, I want the whole parade, the history and the name recognition and all the bells. I think perhaps I would choose a Vacheron before a Lange, just for those silly reasons. I want old money vibes with my watch.

I am constantly debating my collection, which has grown far beyond what I ever planned. It only seems prudent to consider what options I would have if I put a few more of my horological eggs in one basket. Every watch was bought thinking: "This is a farthest forray into horology I am ever going to make. Wow, lucky me!" And then I go again and get another piece. I never dared dream this big from the beginning. What if I had, what could or would I have gotten?

But the thing is that I am quite happy with every watch I already own satisfied.gif There is nothing wrong with my JLC Master Chrono. Far from it, I find it an wonderful dressy chrono, even compared to the above pieces. And at a comfortable price level, permitting an actual collection, not only one single piece. Today I have a collection (of sorts, maybe just a accumulation, no real focus). With a Patek chrono, I would just be a guy with a Patek. On one level, that is way cooler. I would much rather inherit "my father's Patek", than "my father's box of watches". On the other hand, "watches" is an actual hobby to me. I spend a lot of time writing drivel such as this, meeting fellow enthusiasts and going to events. I'm not sure I would be as active if there were no dynamics, no collection to cull and repopulate again. Not that I am very good at that, but I have done from time to time. With a single expensive timepiece, it would just be another thing I own. It would still please me immensely, but probably not give me as many unique experiences.

Todays choice:

A Submariner, gold or not, might not be haute horologie, but as a companion for a leisurly breakfast of banana pancakes, sour cream and blueberry jam, I am not sure it can be beat smile.gif Also: nipples.


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Makes me so glad to see those slim, curved and pierced lugs on that sub that I don't even mind that it's gold ;-)
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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

Deleted, not sure what is going on with the Bremont thing.

Deleted what Nuke?
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Originally Posted by no frills View Post

Deleted what Nuke?

My post about Bremont. Read the Hodinkee comments, it is pretty odd. Confusion about whether they created a movement in-house. Bremont said they created an in-house movement, completely in-house. Then people said it was a La Joux Perret. Then Bremont said that those people were corporate saboteurs. Then Bremont fessed up and said that it has some British made parts, and is primarily made in Switzerland. Lots of information, misinformation, and the like. Going to wait until I hear something definitive before I bad mouth them (even though the in-house claim is not true--they modified a movement).

Regardless, the watch they are shilling is 19,000 pounds, in Stainless Steel.
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^^^ Yup I am also watching that unfold right now. Interesting.
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NS, please post a post of all your current watches. kthnx.
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Perhaps I'm totally ignorant of something, but design aspects notwithstanding, how much more difficult can it be to manufacture movements if you're going to make such elaborate casework and modifications to stock movements? Especially now, with distributed fabrication technologies?
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I don't step in these parts very often due to my seiko collection status. I am however saving for a speedy professional moon watch and came across this article. Thoughts on the "upgrade"...

Omega makes minor changes to the Moonwatch

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Goddammit. I liked that Omega kept the 3570.50.00 largely unchanged and hadn't cranked the price too ridiculously, as it's the only Speedy I've considered to get down the road. There went that idea. On the other hand, this kind of thing coupled with IWC's admitted marketing strategy and the recent obnoxiousness from Bremont makes it easy to save a buck.
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The bracelet upgrade is great, but all that other stuff (seriously - NICER box?) doesn't interest me at all. I hope this doesn't 'outprice' a lot of would be Speedy fans.
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