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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 1995  

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Just catching up on this thread. That Altiplano is lovely. Would love to see it in red gold. I'll have to re-assess and include it in my current quest for a minimalist, thin watch! AL&S Saxonia Thin, VC Contemporaine Handwound...Piaget Altiplano? The choices!

I don't think you could go wrong with VC Traditionelle, for all the reasons that Dino and others have listed. Despite my minor nay-saying earlier, I do think its a great watch...

Did you get a chance to check-out any of the simple AL&S three-hand watches? I feel that with all the interweb obsession over the Lange 1s, Datographs, and other top-end complications, their simple and elegant dress watches (like the Saxonias, 1815s and Richard Langes) get overlooked. Yet I've always felt that they make a very compelling product, every bit as balanced and finely crafted as the AP Jules Audemars, Pateks and VC Patrimonies...

Originally Posted by Keith T View Post

I can't even begin to tell y'all how disappointing it was to meet Newcomer....

...dude looks absolutely NOTHING like his avatar in real life. biggrin.gif

But for realz, we had a blast and I only wish we had a bit more time to hang and look at some more awesome timepieces. Unfortunately, my boss has this thing called "work" that he expects me to at least occasionally try to do, even on a fine March afternoon. Next time, the bourbon's on me!

And apologies in advance for the standard crappy phone pics, but we did indeed get a chance to handle some very fine watches, mainly in the true "dress" category, which is my current obsession anyway. (By April, it could be sundials or maybe hour glasses, who knows.)

So I was once again taking a very close look at this most basic of Altiplanos...super clean. Just two stick hands, very simple, very .... austere. And I really like it. Black on white. Perfect for formal occasions, if you don't mind breaking that particular "style rule". Also quite reasonable, in relative terms. Would slide right under a shirt cuff and disappear. One of those watches that well, maybe only a watch guy would really love. I've had the AD pull this one out of the case twice now, FWIW.


Sticking with Piaget for a moment, Newc had a nice dial shot of the larger automatic version, with the date at 9, and sub-seconds at 4. Another great watch, similar to the above, but with its own personality. Kind of a quirky layout, not that there's anything wrong with that. But check the backside here...again, not the best pic, but lots to love:


The surprise of the day had to be how much of a watch-crush Newcomer admittedly seemed to develop for FPJ. Like, instantly. That blue joint in particular. What a stunner.

We've definitely all heard about the quality issues, and believe me Dino, I hear you.

(Nobody wants a hot....stripper ... with...VD? OMG you really went there.)

But damn. Those watches. In the flesh? Wow. The guy makes some beautiful stuff. Truly. I mean, I REALLY dig that contrast of the white hands on the blue dial, and I like the font for the numerals a whole lot on that particular piece as well. It's just somehow distinctive; and the rail track, the inner white circle on the dial, the shape of the hands....the way it all comes together makes for a really sophisticated look.

Our AD has an extra nice space dedicated for them, (they shipped in special furniture?) and my sales lady told a funny/sad story about how she had to raise hell to their Journe rep before he would start allowing females to attend their annual owner's dinner. Apparently certain people haven't got the memo that it's 2014 yet.

Anywho, I took a quick snap of this one, with the plastic still intact since we were worried Newc might drool all over it LOL:


We also poked around a bit in some of the other cases, mainly just glancing at UN, Panerai and JLC. (A Reverso will make its way into my stable before I exit the watch game. Mark my words!)

Also took a quick peek at Breguet, which we both agreed was a bit too....stuffy, as Newcomer said, for young whippersnappers like ourselves.

And at the end of the day, when I'm dreaming about something from the Big Three, I always like to glance through this and start running calculations in my head.

One kidney = 1921 American Historique? After all, they say a man's reach should always exceed his grasp...


Oh hell, I guess I'd settle for that gorgeous Patrimony Traditionelle biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by CHRK33 View Post

Originally Posted by DLJr View Post

I have no idea what the website says. I was at the Ardmore location today and walked in to it out of luck because we were shopping in the area.

The other poster meant the website stated in-store only. I will be calling in the morning. If by any chance they will do a phone order, that would be awesome. I would be interested in a Speedy Pro as well - thanks for the heads up.

any luck with a phone order?
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Another Speedy pic as requested. Something a little different about this one, the poster I'm covering up is from a class I taught down at NASA. One of the coolest experiences of my life.
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Originally Posted by academe View Post

Ever flexible AP RO... Out walking the toddler to sleep on a blustery Scottish afternoon.

Gents, I'm just quoting academe on this one because you MUST click the photo to blow it up, and appreciate.

This thread is all about appreciating.

And that AP is an asymmetrical win.
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Thanks for the shout-out. I was out walking the toddler in a very non-Style Forum approved fleece, but the lighting was too good to miss... shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

I had a similar FPJ epiphany in Boca Raton last month. I knew next to nothing about the brand and was just stunned as the SA kept bringing out gorgeous watch after gorgeous watch. Sad to hear of the reliability problems though, I agree with Dino that that would be a complete deal breaker

Yeah, I completely agree. Before I purchased one, I would have to do a whole lot of due diligence. To echo what Dino said, the problems with the FPJ in the past were HUGE problems. Like, we need to replace all of the movements in watches made between 2003-2005 huge.
Originally Posted by Omega Male View Post

Nice pictures, gents. I absolutely love the hands on the Journe.

Thanks bud! Glad you enjoyed them!
Originally Posted by no frills View Post


I look forward to you catching up! Your absence has been felt.

Good point in regards to stock pics. Although I don't think any crappy picture can capture how a Patek appears in real life.

Ms. Upton pictures are ALWAYS appreciated.
Originally Posted by BostonHedonist View Post

Yes, that is where GP seems to shine. And the GP traveler moon is a bit large and costly to be optimal for dress. I think I may just have a moonphase fetish at present.

I can't blame you for the moonphase fetish. It is my favorite complication as well. 44mm prices it outside of my comfort zone by quite a large extent.

Also, I liked the interpretation given by one of the previous posters. It rather eloquently sums up my feelings.
Originally Posted by jhcam8 View Post

There's 2 or 3 of these new for sale on the forums. Hodinkee thinks that future service would be expensive.

Thanks for the first hand impressions.

No problem! And I have to agree with you there. Future service would likely be very expensive.
Originally Posted by HRoi View Post

The thing with FPJ, though, is that as beautiful as they are, I don't think I would acquire one until after I've had my fill of what I wanted from JLC, ALS and VC

Gosh, that is an expensive fill! But I definitely understand what you are saying.
Originally Posted by wurger View Post

Nuke, got to say, the JLC MUT has the nices sun dial faces on a watch I have seen, it just shiny all the time icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif So it's actually more beautiful in real life than photos

That is very true, the dial is breathtaking in certain light! But the terrible photographer that I am, even I have taken good pictures of the MUT Moon!
Originally Posted by Dino944 View Post

I completely agree. When I think platinum, I think Lange, Patek, VC. I do not have much interest in noble metal JLCs.

I think that the rose gold suggestion is a great idea. I love rose gold, and I think if I got a dress watch I would probably choose it. It is such a warm color and it is very easy on the eyes. The perfect metal for a dress watch in my opinion. And with teachers like those in this thread, how can one possibly go wrong with making a watch choice? As a whole, I think this thread has the most tasteful collectors I have seen.

And in regards to working in dress watches--I have absolutely no qualms dressing down a dress watch. Back in the 50s and 60s, people wore their dress watches everywhere. I kind of adopt that philosophy. But I understand wanting to wear something a bit larger and more rugged when dressing down.

I also love that GP EOT, but similar to yourself, I just wouldn't fork over that much money. IIRC, the movement in this watch takes up a good amount of the movement. Another thing that draws me away from GP is the resale hit. GP takes an enormous hit on the secondary market. I remember seeing an EOT for ~$15,000 or so sometime back, LNIB.
Originally Posted by dan138zig View Post

Is this a good watch for the price? ($150 on sale)

I am a big fan of Orient. They make a great watch! I prefer the Bambino though. Also, I would urge you (if you buy one) to spend $40 on a nicer looking strap. The strap they come with is terrible.
Originally Posted by DLJr View Post

Another Speedy pic as requested. Something a little different about this one, the poster I'm covering up is from a class I taught down at NASA. One of the coolest experiences of my life.

Very nice! It looks great, more pictures are required though!
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O, the morning sun on a new watch.

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That looks excellent! Beautiful picture. I need to give my Speedy some more love.
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Speaking of moons, this I like:

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Half of me ways this very badly, while the other half wonders if the moon isn't just a bit overstated...

Do we have an opinion on Arnold & Son's reliability?
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Went back to Govberg today. My wife picked up the NOMOS Orion with the rose dial, which of course I will be stealing on occasion, or quite often.
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Very nice DL, congrats to her/you nod[1].gif
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Cheers Cleav. We already have matching watches like you and your misses, so it was time to switch it up.
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Wow, that was a heck of a haul for you this weekend D. Congratulations!

The Nomos looks great, as does the Speedy. I am glad you finally scratched the Nomos itch.
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Congrats DLJr! Did you work with George?
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