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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 1931  

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The PC I found sits up quite chunky for its size...maybe it's partly an optical illusion because it's all dial, but also I think it's quite flat and just stands tall for me.   But.  As a chrono I prefer it nevertheless.  If a bit more meat and less formality is fine, then I think the PC has a very clear and pleasing identity.  It's more distinctive and interesting. 


There are JLC Masters that are prettier than the Master Chrono, I think. Not that this isn't pretty, it's just a bit unsure of its personality in my mind.  If you want a dress watch with a chrono in it, then this is a nice subtle one.  I just think it's very much that way around.

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Check out the 57 Speedmaster in titanium. The new movement is quite nice as is the watch on the wrist. I didn't expect to like the 57 line but walked away extremely impressed.

Edit Pic:
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Well, I socked away our shares for our IRA when the Dow dropped 326 pts the other day. Guess I'm done for the year. Does that mean I can go on a frillyvolous splurge again...?

Daytona in the snow and cold today.

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Omega - that JLC chrono is one of my favorites, but I see what you mean about the date window. Though I'm a big IWC fan, that chronograph is one of my least favorites. I feel it is just way overpriced for what it is (that being said this could hold true for many watches I like..)

ps I think the JLC is leagues above this particular IWC as well.

Good luck with your decision, I'm sure others will have some great advice in terms of alternatives
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I owned that JLC. It's a beautiful watch, but I had real issues with legibility and sold it.
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Another chronograph with white face on a strap:

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^^ Nice options.  Of course the nicest is Frilly's Daytona, but not quite counting as "in the same price range!"  Might as well bring up someone's Royal Oak chrono while we're at it!


I haven't seen that new Speedy before, and it's certainly sharp.  I like it.  The GO above seems like a more direct alternative for the JLC/Portuguese though, as it's both devoid of any extraneous bezel like them, making it inherently more suit-suited (if that was the goal?), while still having a certain weight and clarity of purpose that I think perhaps the JLC lacks.  The only down side is it might have some of the same legibility question.


Frilly: as I live life vicariously through your TWAT pics (so to speak), what you just said sounds like a lot of fun!

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Yeah I wasn't sure if the 57 was the look he was going for but it's a watch worth taking a look at in general. I really like the blue dial personally. It's got the co-ax column wheel movement but in a much more wearable size. Nice direction for the line which touches on some of its original designs and has a very respectable, if not impressive, movement.
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love that GO. yes please.
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I have the port - I would definitely characterize it as a basic, even plain watch. But it's the best as the watch for any non-sports occasion. The JLC is definitely prettier. I don't like the GO
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Unfortunately they upsized the GO chrono to 44mm, which is out of my ball park.


Did try the Transocean (which demonstrates how you do that date window between 4 & 5 a bit better IMO) at 43mm and felt even that was pushing it. Great looks, but it's a chunker.


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Originally Posted by Omega Male View Post

Well, I sat on my Safari impulse and -- yeah -- it went away. 

Still want a white-faced chrono on a leather strap though. Thinking one of these:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Expected to like the JLC more, but the date window bugs me. Legibility also goes to the Port in a landslide.

Thoughts? Neglected contenders in similar price range?

Of the two you originally posted, Omega Male, I would give a slight nod to the JLC, as I don't particularly mind that date window size or placement, and you get the full "in-house" treatment vs. modified from IWC in this case.

They are both VERY nice, really great timepieces from well-respected brands......however IMO, could be improved with two inappreciable changes: add blued hour and minute hands on the Jaeger, and remove the chopped off 12 and 6 on the Port. But hey, as always, I was not consulted by the esteemed watch designers from either of these esteemed manufacturers. Neither of those small details may bother you personally.

The Breitling is also nice but that panda look would make me wish I had a Daytona....and really both of those seem more like sports pieces anyway, compared to the JLC and IWC.

( Watches: where nit-picking becomes an art form. smile.gif )
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Originally Posted by Keith T View Post

( Watches: where nit-picking becomes an art form. smile.gif )





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I was going to suggest that Breitling, but it has the same date position as the JLC you mentioned.. Both handsome watches. Agree, wish JLC had more blue on the hands of that model.
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Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

BG - Maybe your eyes need checked then your watches wouldn't need such big numbers lol8%5B1%5D.gif

I do use lenses hahaha!
Originally Posted by mimo View Post

Betel, what the **** is that monster?!

My beater watch. lol8[1].gif It's not that I think a lot of this but around here having a nice watch could be worth loosing your wrist haha well not to that point but sometimes I have to move around some places that I don't know and are dangerous so I take my other watches to the meeting but whe I drive I put that one in my jacket and put this one on.

This one my dad gave it to me and he got it from Amazon so it is really cheap. Around here watches are very expensive, this one costs around $10,000 pesos so it justifiable for thieves to still take it from you. frown.gif

On a side note. I know that you are not huge fans of Tag but the Carrera Calibre 16 is awesome! smile.gif
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