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The Watch Appreciation Thread (Reviews and Photos of Men's Timepieces by Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, JLC etc...) - Page 1884  

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Thanks for the Pam luv gents much appreciated.

My father in law passed away last night so made for a long day yesterday, feeling it today trying to do the right things for Duchess of course. Big mans man he was, as well as being 6 feet 4, quite the dandy in his day, first gent I remember wearing a PS. He gave it me a year or two back, its my favourite really. He also gave me his treasured pocket watch. I'll get some photos and share in his memory some time, I think he'd of liked that.

I was conscious that I hadn't posted this angle, the size of the buckle!

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Cleav - if I ever was remiss in not mentioning how awesome that PAM combo is, then forgive me.

Gotta add a Rad to my collection at some point. the 190 would be the allowance to my "date function" requirement

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My dear Cleav; very sorry to hear of your loss.  Condolences to Her Grace.

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RNG, I do get that and agree. If wearing my R Datejust for any length of time and swapping to the PamI do catch myself looking for the date absent mindedly.

Thanks for your kind words too, much appreciated.
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My condolences for y'alls loss! That is never easy.

Frills--I was wondering why I thought that Montblanc was so pretty initially... Very unfortunate that MB has chosen to ball with the big boys. $30,000 is a whole lot of change.
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So close, yet so far :-(

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ps cleav - stupidly, did not read your post (blinded by your awesome pics) - deepest condolences. My father in law also passed away so I know how you feel, can't wait to see pics of your passed own watch, when you do get some free time of course.

sincere regards

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Cleav - Sorry to hear about the loss.  We hd a similar fear that we would lose two in the family last this year they seem better than ever.  Time is something we can never get back so we should always share it in the company of those we love.

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Cleav - I'm very sorry for your loss. Been there.
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I really don't have a fave strap / dial combo. Pretty much every watch I have is worn on a strap - and I have at least one alternate strap for each of those. I dig variety.

I think this distressed leather strap will go down among my all-time faves, though:

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I know I am in the minority of TWAT by liking some of the ROO designs but now that SIHH has revealed a 42mm ROO Safari....Yum!  I know it has competition in this price range but I would consider it if I had the means and was looking!


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Originally Posted by Kaplan View Post

So close, yet so far :-(

Zenith (Click to show)

Ultra Thin, what sort of money are those? I was looking around and found the Zenith PDF brochure, 'interesting' read. Isn't it said they been through bad times now coming out the other side? Me not sure...

I think the hole in my collection is two-fold, a rose gold reverso or going up the food chain on what I have (no mull for that). Fun looking. Hell, I don't know...

Thanks JB, Rog, Nuke Mimo and all you guys for all the kindness cheers.gif

PS I had an appointment (8th January) in a small town and walked past this, took the picture as it made me think of Marvel/caped-crusader/Star like TWAT family. No itch to share it at the time just struck me as 'one of those things' that makes you stop and think. The irony of it. Threak? The What I Saw Today (TWIST)...

Town Hall (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Ultra Thin, what sort of money are those?

I read a review of it from 2010 that had it at 3.500 Euro; haven't checked current prices.

While it looks great at first glance (and in that first photo I posted), it's just such a wasted opportunity. Easier to see in this shot:

On one hand the dial proportions are just off. The sub dial sitting too far from the edge and the clumsy 5 minute double markers both point to the problem of fitting too small a movement in a too large case (like butter spread over too much bread, as Bilbo would put it). Painfully noticeable via the display back as well.

On the other hand, this kind of dress watch wears too large at 40mm for all but the biggest of dudes.

It may look fine here:

but for most it'll likely to look more like this:

Appologies to those I stole the photos from

Reduced 2-4mm it could've been a classic (IMHO the Orient Bambino suffers from the same issue).
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Zenith is a great brand, they (still?) do movements in house, and has a great history. But the design in recent years leaves much to be desired. Even so it's better than it was a few years ago, when they were the Edina Monsoon of watch designs.

Before they went crazy they used to make some great looking watches. Maybe Zenith could herald a 70's revival in watch design, or they could develop a real contemporary aesthetic of their own.

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Speaking of which: why are good looking square and tonneau cased watches so rare, at least for men? Are they harder to make?
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