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Farhad - love the vintage Omega!

Originally Posted by ErikW View Post

Does anyone have any experience with Meistersinger? Any thoughts on their quality? The brand?


I've seen one in person, though it was some time ago. I remember thinking it was a well-finished piece in terms of case and dial. Surprisingly easy to tell the time with the single hand once you get used to it - which for me was a matter of minutes. I felt then, and still feel now, that the single hand was a difference for the sake of difference alone, with no real benefit. It's the kind of piece you might want to add to an established rotation just for the sake of variety - but consider whether the aesthetics and technical merits of the piece will endure once the one-hand novelty has worn off.
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those are lovely, NS. for the nautilus i am partial to the blue dial.
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Interesting question NS! I quite enjoyed your thoughts on the 5980.

I do not know how I feel about the 5980 and 5712 combination, especially when it means selling off other watches. I feel like the two might be a tad duplicative. But it is interesting to hear your opinion regarding the different "feel" of two very similar watches. I agree with your general sentiment that the essence of the Nautilus (and the Royal Oak) is the thinness of the watch. I think that the relative thinness is what sets them apart from other sports watches. So I could definitely see how the 5980 would give a completely different feel than the 5712.

But I wanted to touch on the white-dialed Nautilus. I recently had the chance to examine the 5711 in both blue and white, and I have to say, I was relatively smitten by the white-dialed version. It just looked so darn clean. And I will admit, I am very, very attracted to white-dialed watches. The polar explorer is arguably one of my favorite watches from the Rolex stable (I just wish it was a bit smaller). In a vacuum, I think that I would probably pick the white dialed version over the blue dialed version. But when you consider the larger picture, the white dialed Nautilus is much less attractive than the original. I think it is hard to separate the watch from its history. In the same vein, I don't think I would ever consider a white dialed Speedmaster. It is just one of those watches that you purchase for both its history as well as its aesthetics.

I am torn, to say the least.
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Hi NS,


The 1655 is a very cool Rolex...but if the case is too perfect, then sometimes as you suspect there could be some laser welding etc.  I'd rather get something in superb condition, that may show a few signs of wear, but which I would not be concerned that it had been altered.


As for the 5980...the simply advice and best for your wallet, don't buy it.  Overall, I really like the Nautilus line up, but the 5980 is my least favorite of that collection.  I find the thickness, and the chrono pushers on the side give it a bloated look that I find unflattering.  I also do not care for the subdial within a subdial design of the dial, particularly on the blue.  I find it very disruptive to the overall look of the watch, and IMHO this is a model that strays too far from the elegance that is part of Nautilus DNA.  Maybe, it will work as an investment as so many PPs go up in value when production ends ...but sadly its a design that just doesn't interest me in the least.  I greatly prefer the 5711, 5712, and original 3700 over the 5980.


That being said, if you were going to purchase one, oddly I find the white dial more attractive (even though I generally favor dark dials).  Wishing you lots of luck and fun with whatever you decide!

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Originally Posted by mezentius View Post

Right now, it's because if I were to get a Nomos it would be for practicality (safety, discretion, cost-efficiency) rather than because I am in love with it, like the JLC/Chronoswiss/Max Bill. Mimo has it right at the moment, but I suspect it's one of those watches you have to see in person to appreciate, so it's still on my list. Well, that or the Zurich. Still not quite sure why the Zurich is 2k more, though, of it it's worth it. In any case, heading out to have a peek at the watches around town tomorrow, got a list of IWC/JLC and Nomos ADs here in Sydney. Plenty of time to think about this, though - going to wait until the next time I go overseas before I buy so I can get the sales tax refund, unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse..

P.S. HHHHRRRNNNGGG @ the JLC pictures. 

The difference in Nomos pricing is largely due to the difference in the movements. All their movements are built inhouse. The alpha, which is in the Orion, is their base manual movement and the epsilon, in the base Zurich, was their first developed automatic movement. I still highly recommend taking a peek at the Zurich Weltzeit.


If movements aren't your thing, or you don't see the value in them, you should skip Nomos because that's the bulk of their value IMO.

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Originally Posted by mimo View Post


The irony being that he also has the most cheap-ass and limited watches himself, and a relatively recent interest in the subject at all...all going back to a momentary passing post in TWAT about a year and a half ago.  I did buy an Orange Monster though!



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There's a whole pod full around here.

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Thanks for taking away my dreams of mimo-twinhood. Now I'll have to relegate myself by wearing denim to work.

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Hush that crazy talk, RTC.  We all brothers here.


(I even put it on a Zulu like you, though I changed my mind later...) (Click to show)


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Haha, thanks @mimo!

@Newcomer, I love the metal band, but I bought mine with a rubber strap at first. I like the nato strap I put on there now though. So far it has seen the original rubber strap, a leather strap with a bit of orange in it, and this black and orange nato strap. The leather strap really irritated my wrist so I had to get rid of it.


Also, my other timepiece, a hamilton Khaki automatic. This was a graduation gift from my folks four years ago. I bought the Orange monster for a 'fun' watch since I didn't want to get beer all over this one. My only annoyance with the OM is that the face scratches very easily.


For budget timepieces, I'm happy with both of them. I bought the OM for about 300 and the Hamilton was about 500 used. I'm looking forward to adding a simple watch without a chronograph to my budding collection.


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Yes, you definitely need a dress watch.  Sounds like perhaps a Nomos Orion could be on your wish list too.  Though as used watches don't seem to be an issue for you, you could get something really interesting for less dough with a bit of hunting.  My Omega has family history, but on eBay would probably go for about $300.  Go up to $1k and thereabouts and all manner of wonders are there.

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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

those are lovely, NS. for the nautilus i am partial to the blue dial.

Im a blue too.

Nice decision to have to make biggrin.gif

Dino, as ever, offers an interesting insight...
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On NS's question, I think if it were the only Nauti then blue.  But as he's got the blue 5711, then white.  Give it its own personality.  And I think it looks cool anyway.


However, for once, I'm going to anti-enable: NS, I don't think you love it enough.  If you did, you'd know which one it had to be.  And it's going to cost you a lot of other lovely pieces.  And the only justification you can talk yourself into is investment value.  Now, call me old fashioned, but I think you should only spend big on something that really sets your heart alight.  And this doesn't seem to, not quite.

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^^ Sound advice, there.
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