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Originally Posted by Dino944 View Post

Dinner out with Mrs. Dino and a RG manual wind VC 1972.  A few of the shoe fetish people here might recognize the marlows in the photo below.

A quick close up of the asymmetric deployant buckle to mimmick the case shape 

One last photo.  

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Break/Weekend.

Lovely Dino nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

Dino, I absolutely love, love, love that VC. Absolutely stunning. Such a dynamic looking watch.

Thanks Nuke.  IMHO, its another great example of VC borrowing and modernizing one of their designs from the past.  Women generally don't seem to be watch people, but if I were single, that's the watch I'd wear.  It seems to be quite an ice breaker and always draw interest and questions from women.  What can I say, another reason to love that watch!


Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

always a winer that one, dino. shoes too!

Hate to think my VC is a "Winer" I'm going to presume it was supposed to be "Winner", and with that in mind thanks Bro! :cheers:

Originally Posted by Cleav View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Lovely Dino nod[1].gif


Thanks Cleav,  I hadn't worn it in a while and figured it could use some wrist time. 

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Originally Posted by Warren G. View Post

gorgeous watch

I miss mines dearly. facepalm.gif

Originally Posted by Newcomer View Post

Lovely portuguese! Looks very, very nice on your wrist.
Rumor has it that it is the best finished watch evar.

Warren, why did you choose to send it to a new home?

LOL well I'm a couple hundred pages behind. To make a long story short, my laptop was stolen and I just got it back. I turn it back on, and Chrome still had all my tabs open. I had this question quoted.

While the IWC Portuguese is a really nice watch. But I really did miss my Rolex. So I end up getting a GMTc. I got into wristwatch about 6-7 years ago and I never care for Rolex until they release the GMTc. That sparked my interests in Rolex. That is when I start doing a ton of research. So I end up really appreciating the brand. Unless they release a ceramic Pepsi, my GMTc is a keeper for sure.

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That ceramic bezel is gorgeous! inlove.gif
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I'm also thinking about getting a Cartier Tank Solo automatic soon. That watch has been on my list for awhile now. The Tudor Blue HC is also pretty tempting as well.

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Dino, lol, yes I meant "winner".

Great shots, Warren.
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I have narrowed down my search for my next watch.
In no particular order:
1) Rolex President Gold with a brown alligator leather band
2) Rolex Cellini Gold watch on brown alligator leather band
3) Chopard Gold Mille Miglia on brown leather band

My thoughts...I like gold but don't want it to be overbearing with an all gold band. I imagine my last two choices won't be popular. The Cellini is not a popular watch for. Rolex, but I like the clean slate. The Chopard has been appealing for some time. Finally the gold President looks fantastic on a solid leather band.
Essentially I need a watch for my brown shoes.

Ultimately I think I will pick one of these three and then go for something sporty next time around.

My runner ups include:
1) Rolex Submariner- I tried one on today. It is beautiful but I would lose the steel band.
2) Jaeger Reverso - clean and classic
3) Omega Speedmaster Moon Phase
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Hey Guys,


I'm just wanting to issue one more 'Thanks' before I stop calling attention to my $64 purchase. The week I spent looking at Joma, Chrono24, EBay, directories and this forum looking for a watch was pretty much spent on the couch next to my GF the social worker. She 'somehow' picked up on my interest in a watch and would have put the Junghans on her Mastercard if I had let her. Instead, bearing in mind her Social Worker's salary I let her spring for the Seiko and for her to see the 'Congrats' coming from guys who own watches worth a year and a half of her income really made her happy.


As appreciated as it has been by me to be able to make use of your collective perspective and as much as I've considered the suggestions and enjoyed the feedback... I've shown her the comments through the thread about this simple little Seiko and where the heavy hitters of the thread might have very easily been watch-snobs you guys have instead been wonderfully welcoming and inclusive and along the way managed to affirm my girlfriend's Christmas gift to me, which is really sort of a sweet little thing when you think about it.


I just thought I'd pass it along that your positive comments and welcoming attitude over such a minor watch have made the afternoon (at least) of a very very nice person. She read through the last couple of pages of TWAT (ahem) and was impressed by the positive energy and sense of community here.


Again, I thank you guys,


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+1 Nice to know that lovely lady is feeling the TWAT-love. OK, that sounds kind of wrong, moving on....I couldn't agree more re. how positive this thread is for mortals like us.  Well, apart from probably ruining our lives. :)

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Just to update the 15 or so guys here who've ordered my watch icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif, I have excellent news! The Manufactory confirmed this morning that all 100 pieces of the Imperial First Series have been fully completed, and are now undergoing testing and inspection before delivery to me.

Looks like the Imperials will be in time for the TWAT NYC meeting on the 19th icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Can' wait!

The prototype Celadon Leather Watch Case was completed yesterday and looks very, very impressive in the flesh. It is of quite imposing dimensions and provides a secure and beautiful frame for the watch, even as a display piece.

Please contact me also if you wish to commission a bespoke watch strap and have this delivered together with your Imperial(s),

Standby for updates for the Imperials as soon as I hear them... biggrin.gif

In other news, been meaning to post the rest of my Watches&Wonders photos on here (already posted half of the Vacheron booth photos a few weeks ago), but my darn computer died on me last week. Hang in there while I get some pics up soon. Am heading to SIHH next month too and visiting several watch factories (including one producing stuff for my Swiss brand) and will definitely give you all some drool-worthy material then.
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So now you guys know what watch I'll be wearing to NYC.

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Originally Posted by Bill Dlwgosh View Post


Thank you for the kind words about our little sub-forum. I have said this many times, but I think it deserves repeating--money really should not be a bar to enjoying excellent, finely made timepieces. I think that everything is worth discussion, and there are many horologically interesting pieces that are in the affordable category that deserve to be praised. I am glad you have felt welcome here. I look forward to your participation. I haven't acquired a watch in almost a year now, but I still stop in here every day to at least keep up with what is going on. I think picking up this Seiko was a wise move, because now you can really determine what speaks to you, and what you want out of a watch.

I hope you enjoy your new watch. And... we better see some pictures!
Originally Posted by ~ B ~ View Post


Wow great news! Congratulations, that is a very large accomplishment for you and your brand. I can't wait to see some pictures. As always I wish your brand the best, it is great to have you part of this community!
Originally Posted by DLJr View Post

So now you guys know what watch I'll be wearing to NYC.

Nice! I am really excited to see it. I think I will likely bring my Speedmaster. Traveling with my MUT Moon makes me a little nervous shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Warren G. View Post


Great to see you back Warren! Thanks for the reply, I have been waiting patiently all this time biggrin.gif
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Figured it be more interesting to see something a little different, plus, it's not like I have Frilly's collection to choose from...

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Finally caught up from the Holiday weekend here in TWAT-land.  


Bill - Congrats on the pick up.  Even though it is a Seiko, you put a lot of time into the decision which is always applauded here.


Warren G - Great looking Tudor and GMT!


Frilly - Instagram before TWAT spoils the surprise.  I need to start looking here first!


Dino - Very interesting VC.  You are the TWAT non-round watch reference guide.  The melting watch from a month or two ago (Cartier?) was an interesting piece as well.

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